Irvine, Calif-based Good Culture said it launched probiotic smoothies. Made with pasture-raised, protein-rich kefir, the smoothies are available in three distinct flavors — Pineapple, Vanilla and Wildberry — and are an easy and convenient way for consumers to incorporate probiotics into their diet.

“Good Culture was founded on the principle of creating real, healing foods that are easy to access and don’t hurt animals or the planet. Interest in gut health is rapidly increasing, and Good Culture’s probiotic smoothies provide an efficacious dose of live and active cultures for those looking to improve overall wellness,” said Jesse Merrill, co-founder and CEO. “Pasture-raised kefir is one of the most effective ways to get a powerful probiotic boost, and we are committed to continued innovation in the cultured dairy space.”

Good Culture probiotic smoothies are organic, contain 35 billion colony forming units, and feature 12 strains of live and active cultures, including the probiotic powerhouse BB-12. The world’s most researched and documented probiotic strain, BB-12 is clinically proven to rebalance gut flora and help the microbiome. This leads to overall improved gut health, as well as a boost in overall immunity by increasing the body’s resistance to common respiratory infections, Good Culture said.

The smoothies, which are available in 7-ounce bottles, contain 7 grams of protein and no added sugar. According to Good Culture, the light sweetness comes directly from the pasture-raised kefir, fruits and organic dates. The Pineapple variety is tart and refreshing; the Vanilla offers a touch of nutmeg; and the Wildberry features a mix of blackberry, strawberry and raspberry. The smoothies contain no synthetic hormones, preservatives, gums or artificial ingredients.

Good Culture said the smoothies are available at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide; they have a suggested retail price of $2.49 - $2.79 per bottle.