Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., Middleborough, Mass., said Lighthouse — its innovation incubator — launched Atoka, a line of herbalist-crafted plant-based drinks offering a variety of health benefits. Atoka is Ocean Spray’s first-ever new brand and ushers in the next era of products that will be emanating from Boston-based Lighthouse.

Ocean Spray said it founded Lighthouse to inspire collaboration, creativity and ingenuity, with rapid innovation playing a critical role in the cooperative’s growth. Taking an entrepreneurial approach to innovation, Ocean Spray is moving out of its comfort zone, creating new products that resonate with a more diversified audience. The Lighthouse incubator is Ocean Spray’s way of building innovation from within the cooperative.

“Atoka is the first new brand to be incubated here in Boston at the Lighthouse, indicative of our emphasis on an intensely innovative, agile approach to product development and cultivating a culture of innovation throughout the organization,” said Rizal Hamdallah, global chief innovation officer at Ocean Spray. “Atoka brings Ocean Spray into an entirely new category of wellness drinks, including a variety of ‘oatmilks,’ tea tonics and herbal shots offered in different herbal blends.”

Atoka will launch in the Boston area a test market, with a planned rollout in January 2020. Ocean Spray said its Atoka line of tea tonics, “oatmilk” elixirs and herbal shots come in the following herbal-blended flavors:

•Herbal Blend: 01 — cranberry, guayusa, ginseng and ginger.

•Herbal Blend: 02 — elderberry, reishi, rosehips, ginger and spices.

•Herbal Blend: 03 — dark cherry, chamomile, hops and ginger.

•Herbal Blend: 04 — cranberry, linden flower, lemongrass, orange peel and ginger.