The a2 Milk Company Ltd., with U.S. headquarters in Boulder, Colo., said it launched a2 Milk coffee creamers. The line capitalizes on the growing popularity of a2 milk among American consumers.

According to a2 Milk Company, the creamers are the company’s first new product offering since coming to the United States from Australia in 2015. The products come in two flavors — Sweet Cream and Creamy Vanilla — both made with five natural ingredients, including a2 Milk and cream.

The company said its products are are easier on digestion. Published research suggests that a2 Milk may help avoid stomach discomfort in some people because the milk comes from cows that naturally produce only the natural A2 protein and not the A1 protein found in conventional milk.

“Every day, we hear from people across the country who are able to drink milk again, thanks to a2 Milk,” said Blake Waltrip, CEO of The a2 Milk Company U.S. “Now we’re broadening ways for coffee drinkers to enjoy real dairy by adding our a2 Milk coffee creamers to their morning routine.  Coffee creamer was one of our top requested products by our consumers.”

The creamers will soon be available in over 1,000 grocery stores across the United States, including Sprouts Farmers Market, ShopRite, Hy-Vee and Earth Fare, a2 Milk said.