Ben & Jerry’s said it released two new flavors in its Pint Slice line: AmazeMint and Candy Bar Pie. AmazeMint features cool mint cookie balls covered in dark chocolate and cookie crumbs. Candy Bar Pie, a resurrection of a former flavor, has a sweet-savory mix of fudge flakes, peanut butter and salty pretzels.

Pint Slices are individually wrapped ice cream treats that are dipped in a dark chocolate coating. The two new flavors build on eight existing Pint Slice offerings. According to Ben & Jerry’s, the pint slices were made with portion control and on-the-go convenience in mind.

Both of the new Pint Slices flavors are available nationwide in three-count 9-fluid-ounce boxes. The market retail price ranges from $4.29 to $5.29.