Packaging film for refrigerated products

Liqui-Box’s SealGard bag-in-box dairy film uses state-of-the-art resin technology focusing on a step change in durability and performance across key performance criteria. The film’s durability performance is optimized for refrigerated product applications. The refrigerated drop test performance has demonstrated a 200% improvement compared to current industry standard dairy films, and a 380% improvement to impact resistance, the company said. These improvements have been accomplished using higher performance resins that also translated to lighter bags, saving as much as 25% on inbound freight costs, the company said.



New ice cream cup sizes  

Stanpac added two new package sizes to its ice cream cup portfolio. The 8-ounce and 12-ounce sizes take the same lid as a standard 14-ounce, pint or 500-milliliter cup. The company offers either standard paper spiral-wound lids or the tamper-evident SecurTec 100. The packages are ideal for single-serve and portion-control offerings. All cups are Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified. The 8- and 12-ounce sizes are also available in foodservice configurations.



Paper-sided lid for ice cream containers

Double H Plastics introduced a paper-sided lid for the ice cream and frozen dessert markets. The hybrid paper and plastic lid combines the benefits of plastic with the decorative capabilities of paper. It’s available in pints and will soon be available in 32- and 40-ounce round sizes.  



Multi-serve environmentally friendly package   

Tetra Brik Aseptic 1500 Edge is the newest multi-serving package from Tetra Pak. It features a unique sloping top and large printable surface. The package has the ability to ship, store and merchandise both ambiently and chilled. It features the new one-step opening WingCap 30, a cost-effective solution that provides high functionality for consumers and a strong environmental profile, the company said. The package also has an available bio-based cap option.



Liquid liner

Arena Products’ new Vertex liquid liner has a design that reduces residual — especially for highly viscous products. It is designed for the Arena 330 shipper, and versions are available for other 275-gallon to 330-gallon intermediate bulk containers, with a variety of discharge fitments. The liner helps reduce the product washed down the drain or put in a landfill. It does not require constant operator attention and is easily attached to filling systems without special handling, the company said. The fill interface is a standard 2-inch threaded fitment, but other sizes are available.