Peco-Inspx, San Carlos, Calif., announced a representation agreement with Valcour Process Technologies, Peru, N.Y., for the commercialization of the Peco-Inspx X-ray contaminant detection systems in the U.S. and Canadian cheese-production and converting markets. 

X-ray systems provide superior foreign material detection in all forms of cheese (plastic tubs, bags and small and large blocks). More specifically, X-ray systems can find materially smaller pieces of metal in large cheese blocks than even the most sensitive metal detector, the companies said. Typical X-ray system detection for a 40-pound block of cheese will be approximately 1.5 -2.0 millimeters 304 stainless steel, whereas the corresponding minimum size for a metal detector will likely be 6.0 millimeters.

“Peco-Inspx offers the latest X-ray inspection technology in a sanitary design. … The Shield Allegro product line is ideal for cheese producers and converters,” said Norm LaVigne of Valcour Process Technologies.