Nutriati Inc., Richmond, Va., and commercialization partner PLT Health Solutions Inc., Morristown, N.J., are introducing a premium-quality chickpea flour solution to the North American food market. Called Artesa chickpea flour, the ingredient addresses a number of issues that have prevented other nutritionally desirable pulse/legume flours from gaining widespread adoption — including taste, sensory characteristics and formulating functionality, the companies said.

Featuring a custom-designed raw material sourcing and manufacturing process, Artesa chickpea flour delivers a taste profile similar to premium wheat flours, along with similar mouthfeel and texture characteristics, the companies said. From a formulation functionality standpoint, it offers a performance similar to wheat flours in a variety of applications.  

From a nutritional standpoint, the chickpea flour contains a minimum of 12% protein. It is a source of resistant starch — and has a lower glycemic index than wheat and other pulse flours. The flour is manufactured in the United States, with chickpeas drawn from select farms in the United States and Canada.