Easy-to-peel lidding film

At Pack Expo in November, Toray Plastics introduced LumiLid XL7W film, a white, easy-to-peel PET lidding film  ideal for use with refrigerated and frozen dairy foods that are packaged in polypropylene containers. When the film is sealed to a container, it forms a strong, consistent bond, sealing even through overfill on the rim of the tray. The film and the company’s on-site manufacturing facility are Interstate Milk Shippers-certified. Applications include  cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, butter, ricotta cheese, refrigerated processed cheeses and ice cream.

401-294-4511; www.toraytpa.com


White shrink sleeve film provides light blocking

Fort Dearborn Co.’s white PETG shrink sleeve film material provides product coverage and light-blocking capabilities. Optional backside printing is available to provide added light barrier protection for increased product shelf life. Product benefits include opacity (it’s naturally white, reducing the need for printed white coverage or color bottles) and high shrinkage performance (around 70%) for contoured containers.

847-357-9500; www.fortdearborn.com


Conformable film for challenging bottle shapes

Avery Dennison Label’s High Performance Primax and FasClear, fully conformable films are created specifically for challenging bottle shapes, irregular containers, tubes, or wherever a larger billboard is desired. Engineered for larger or complex label designs, the film gives users a durable, flexible facestock and a lower total applied cost across the value chain. It also provides improved aesthetics and durability; better ink adhesion, enabling the use of high-intensity inks and high-definition printing; improved productivity, material reduction and greater sustainability, according to the company.

800-944-8511; label.averydennison.com 


High-speed turret-based wrap-around labeling machine

At Pack Expo in November, Herma GmbH showed a high-speed turret-based wrap-around labeling machine featuring a rotating star wheel for precise product transport. The 132M handles containers and glass bottles 16-80 millimeters in diameter at speeds of up to 300 per minute. It can be outfitted with a wide range of printing and vision systems and features automatic rejection of out-of-specification labels before they are applied. 

973-521-7254; www.herma.us


Automatic film splicer

Butler Automatic’s SP1 series automatic film splicer is ideally suited for consumer packaged goods. The film splicer increases efficiency in packaging operations by eliminating the packaging line downtime caused by manual film roll changes. This technology typically reduces downtime by 5 to 10 minutes per operational hour, according to the company. With a simple mechanical design and high-quality manufacture, the SP1 provides long-term, trouble-free performance. The device senses the diameter of the expiring roll of film and automatically splices the end onto the roll. It is capable of running at speeds of up to 600 feet per minute.

508-923-0544; www.butlerautomatic.com


Two-part lid system for drinkable yogurt

H.S.Crocker Co. has a two part lid that can be used for production of drinkable yogurt without any equipment changes. The specially designed lid can have many different custom designs to fit needs which allow the pour spout to be customized. The lids are printed and made to the same size as the customer uses now and the backside is lasered to accommodate the exact design needed to fit the product. This means neither equipment changes nor die size changes are needed.

847-669-3600; www.hscrocker.com


Industrial label printer

Novexx Solutions introduced the XLP 504 at Pack Expo in November. The industrial all-round label printer is the first of a newly developed generation of printers. The printer is designed for ultimate user friendliness, according to the company. It combines high print-quality, increased productivity and comfortable maintenance with reduced downtimes. The printer’s high flexibility allows for the needs of a wide range of industries — from food manufacturing to consumer goods.

+49 8165 925-299; www.novexx.com


Eco-friendly liner-free print and apply system

FOX IV Technologies’ new N6954 LinerFree print and apply system has zero liner and ribbon waste. It is an environmentally friendly labeling system that is also easy to use and maintain. The system’s Catalyst adhesive technology from NuLabel Technologies utilizes label stock with a special dry adhesive that is activated after the label is printed and cut to size. This eliminates sticky adhesive from traveling through the printer applicator, clinging to rollers, the cutter and the print head that can lead to maintenance issues. The system is capable of holding a 13.75-inch roll of label stock, about 6,200 4-inch by 6-inch labels, approximately 2,400 more labels than a standard 14-inch roll of pressure-sensitive labels, according to the company.

877-436-2434; www.foxiv.com


High-speed variable-height label printer applicator

Weber Packaging Solutions’ L-A 6000 label printer applicator was designed to meet the requirements of distribution centers to label variable-sized cartons at increasing line speeds with accurate shipping information. This reliable and cost-effective printer applicator uses the tamp-blow method to print and apply up to 40 labels per minute to products that vary in height up to 19.68 inches (500 millimeters). A sensor initially determines the height of the approaching product for labeling and then the applicator moves to the correct position at high speed. This reduces the traveling distance for the label application, allowing the machine to simultaneously label more accurately and up to 50% faster than a label printer-applicator with a pneumatically driven cylinder.

800-843-4242; www.weberpackaging.com


Tamper evident premium packaging

Berry Plastics’ new SelecTE tamper evident, premium packaging has limit-less label designs. In-mold labeling can help manufacturers create high-quality graphics. With the redesigned tamper- evident break tab, manufacturers can ensure food is safe and secure, according to the company.

877-662-3779; www.berryplastics.com


Split belt labeler with marking system

QLC’s new split belt labeler with marking system allows for product orientation, top and bottom labeling as well as code dating all in a compact 6-foot 3-inch of line space. Nutritional and safe handling information as well as expiration dates and lot codes can all be applied at production speeds to both sides of the product at almost the same time. That makes this stainless steel system ideal for the food industry, including complicated cheese wedge applications.   

800-837-1309; www.qlc-labeling.com


Dual-chambered shrink sleeves

Overnight Labels Inc.’s new dual-chambered shrink sleeves have two pockets holding the product in place and offers maximum promotional space as well as being a cost-effective solution to paperboard over wraps. Dual-chambered shrink sleeves increase shelf impact with neater packaging. A minimum order is 5,000 pieces. They can be used with two like-size bottles or with two different size bottles to help with cross-selling other items. The shrink sleeves can be printed up to eight colors with all the same effects (foils and matte varnish) on all the same substrates as traditional sleeves.   

800-472-5753; www.overnightlabels.com


Cheese films for chunks and shreds 

Prolamina’s Pro-Flex cheese films are specifically designed to support the needs of the natural chunk, retail shreds and institutional shred cheese packaging markets. All Pro-Flex films can include high-definition flexographic printing; two-dimensional laser scoring for easy opening and are designed for high-speed filling. The chunk cheese films are designed for high-speed applications and suitable for re-closable zipper applications. The films include low-temperature sealant for high-speed horizontal applications and offer a high-barrier structure for modified atmosphere packaging. The Pro-Flex film for 5-, 10- and 15-pound shredded cheeses is an abuse-resistant packaging film.

877-536-2628; www.prolamina.com


No-tear foil lidding solution

Bemis Co. Inc.’s Calypso is a new innovation platform for improved foil lidding. Calypso offers a no-tear solution that is easy to open and peels in one piece. It also reduces product damage and waste prior to purchase with a 50% improvement in puncture strength. At more than two times the tear strength of traditional lidding, the foil lidding won’t cut consumers or workers because it is noticeably softer. The foil lidding also offers sustainability improvements. By replacing heavy gauge foil with Calypso, manufacturers can reduce foil, maintain quality and lower C02 and energy use, without additional cost, according to the company. The lidding is a universal structure that can adhere to most cupstock.

800-544-4672; www.bemis.com


Loose loop print and apply labeler

EPI Labelers’ new Loose Loop Print & Apply Labeler is designed for high-speed print and apply applications. The labeler can be utilized to print production and lot numbers, bar codes, product information and more. The labeler allows manufacturers the ability to bypass the printer entirely and run pre-printed labels.

717-235-8345; www.epilabelers.com