There are plenty of ways to eat yogurt these days and at various times of the day. People are eating it with breakfast, lunch, as a snack and even as dessert. This month Dairy Foods wants to know:

What's your favorite way to eat yogurt?

  • Plain
  • Flavored
  • With fruit or mix-ins
  • As a topping
  • In recipes
  • Frozen

To answer this question, visit the poll page HERE.

Last month, we asked – What's your favorite item to put on top of ice cream?

The results are in:

The majority of those surveyed (23%) said they like it with hot fudge, and other syrups (chocolate, strawberry, caramel) were close behind with (20%) of the vote. Plenty like it au natural — 17% prefers their ice cream with no toppings. Another 13% like eating it with nuts, 11% fresh fruit and 7% with whipped cream. Rounding out the bottom, cookie/cake pieces got 6% of the vote and candy (like M&M's) got 4%.  

Thanks for participating and be sure to check back each month for our new question. Don’t forget to answer this month’s question: What's your favorite way to eat yogurt?