Today I’m tasting a new microwaveable cheese fondue from a Swiss company called Emmi. There are seven servings in one package so I invited my co-workers to have a taste. We all loved it.

The product is called the Fondu All In One. Here’s why. It comes as a kit. There is a bowl with the cheese, a stand to rest the bowl on and a tea light to put under the bowl to keep the cheese warm. It couldn’t be easier to make and serve.

Emmi’s fondue is made with cheese, white wine and Kirsch

The fondue is made with real cheese, a dash of white wine and Kirsch cherry brandy. This is the traditional Swiss way. Emmi is a Swiss company, with an office in Monroe, Wisconsin.

I warmed up the cheese in the microwave for about 4 minutes. You can also warm it up in the oven for 20 minutes. Then I served it with bread and apples.

This was a big hit with my co-workers. They loved the cheese and the simplicity. They said they would serve this at home or take it to a party.

Look for the fondue in the refrigerated deli section of grocery stores, where it sells for about $15.

Bottom line: This is great party food that is meant for sharing. The Emmi All in one fondue is a product of Switzerland, so you know it’s authentic.