At the grocery store consumers are inundated with choice, we have to decide between so many different styles or flavors of things. But not when it comes to something as simple as butter, right? Think again. Did you know how many different styles of butter there are? More than this editor realized.

This month Dairy Foods is asking readers: What was the last style of butter you bought?

  • American-style sticks
  • European-style (82% fat) sticks
  • Whipped, spreadable butter
  • Butter blended with oil
  • Nondairy alternatives (margarine, soy, etc.)

To answer this question, visit the poll page HERE.

Last month, we asked – What's your favorite flavor of the autumn season? This was one of our most popular polls and the results are in:

Pumpkin won this round, taking 29% of the vote! Apple wasn’t far behind with 27%. Cinnamon came in 3rd with 19% saying it was their favorite. Butternut squash got 12% of the vote, and cranberry and nutmeg brought up the rear with 9% and 4%, respectively.

Thanks for participating and be sure to check back each month for our new question. Don’t forget to answer this month’s question: What was the last style of butter you bought?