ADM - DeZaan cocoa powderArcher Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) will introducing D11LA, a fat-reduced cocoa powder inspired by traditional British chocolate flavor and the most recent addition to the deZaan range, during Gulfood Manufacturing 2014 in Dubai from November 9th through the 11th. ADM will present D11LA at stand S2-C52.

deZaan has experienced success in the dark chocolate market with the launch of powders such as D11EB and D11SQ. Today, the desired flavor of milk chocolate with a hint of caramel derived from crumb has led deZaan researchers to develop D11LA, a unique cocoa powder that combines with caramelized milk to provide exceptional rich and creamy British milk chocolate taste.

Traditionally, British chocolate is made with crumb, a compound ingredient comprised of sugar, milk and cocoa mass and used for creating milk chocolate. During processing, cocoa mass delivers unique flavor, which is typically unattainable in compound coatings, as cocoa mass is generally incompatible with vegetable fat. Consequently, deZaan technologists have created D11LA, a fat-reduced cocoa powder that displays bold flavor in compound coatings.

“D11LA allows signature British flavor to be captured in compound coating formulations including chocolate bars, biscuits, wafers, baked goods and more. It provides users with the ultimate milk chocolate taste and versatility in a broad range of applications due to its appealing light brown color,” said Product Service and Development Manager Krista Evers.

Compound coatings suit diverse applications and require non-tempering fats and non-polymorph stable crystal forms, making them an ideal choice for warmer climates, particularly in emerging markets.

deZaan offers a range of premium cocoa powders with varying flavor profiles, fat contents and pH levels. The collection’s unique performance cocoa powders deliver full, rich cocoa and chocolate flavor. Other products from deZaan include high quality cocoa butter, liquor and compound confectionery products.

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SOURCE: Archer Daniels Midland Co.