Dippin’ Dots, Paducah, Ky., released new Monster Munch ice cream in July. The line features what the company calls "crazy flavors, crazy names and some crazy ingredients."

The eight monster-themed flavors are:

  • Baby Bea’s Booger Batter: Green vanilla ice cream with cookies pieces and fudge dots
  • Chew Chompers’ T-Rex Rocks: Chocolate ice cream with cookie dough chunks.
  • Furry Ferguson's Polar Bear Poop: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks and fudge swirl.
  • Miss Muddle's Monster Muck: Yellow cake batter-flavored ice cream with blue raspberry swirl and pink & blue icing dots with candy eyeballs.
  • Pigtail Penelope's Tickle-Me-Pink: Strawberry ice cream with strawberry sorbet dots and icing flower.
  • Smelly Nelly's Monkey Mess: Banana ice cream with fudge dots and strawberry swirl.
  • Sour Susie's Speckled Slime: Purple cotton candy flavored ice cream with sour cherry swirl and sour cherry dots.
  • Uncle Gus' Snot Rocket Chocolate: Chocolate ice cream with green apple swirl and candy eyeballs.

Monster Munch ice cream MuckThe suggested retail price is around $2.95 to $2.99 per cup at select Walgreens and Fred’s Super Dollar locations. It’s also available at Mall of America and retails there for about $4 per cup and can be purchased online.

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