flowtrend arc valveSummary

A major manufacturer of soy/almond milk and coffee creamers with plants nationwide, was dissatisfied with its previous ARC sanitary seat valves and service kits used for beverage processing. The harsh high temperatures of its aseptic operating environment were contributing to service kits wearing out with unacceptable frequency, resulting in higher costs and lower profits. Flowtrend contacted the customer with an alternative solution, furnishing its FT ARC series of sanitary seat valves. By improving the durability, operating life, and overall value of the valve diaphragms that provide secondary sealing and keep beverage products from contacting atmosphere, Flowtrend was able to extend equipment run times by 250%. In addition, the customer no longer has to wait for kits to inevitably fail, and lose an entire batch of product every time—instead operating via a planned shutdown schedule made possible by the reliability of its Flowtrend valves.

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