Lubriplate’s complete line of high-performance, NSF H-1 registered, food machinery grade lubricants is designed to provide total food processing and bottling plant lubrication capability. Cost-effective advantages include extended lube and fluid change intervals, multiple application capability, lubricant inventory consolidation and improved performance.



Klüberfood NH1 CH 2-220 is oil for lubricating high-temperature chains in beverage can manufacturing applications. This fully synthetic, ester-based lubricant can operate at extreme temperatures for longer periods of time and without residue build-up, while protecting chain components from increased wear. Users benefit from dramatically reduced consumption, cleaner operations, reduced noise and no smoking when applying oil. The lubricant is NSF H1-registered.



Clarion Lubricants offers conventional oils and greases and fully synthetic energy saving fluids for dairy processing machinery applications such as bearings, gearboxes, hydraulics, air compressors, refrigeration compressors and blowers.



Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc. has launched a new line of sprays. Purity FG aerosol sprays provide a solution for lubricating hard-to-reach areas. The new sprays were developed to spray as effectively when the container is held upside down as right side up, making application easier and more thorough.