Having successfully pushed General Mills to drop genetically modified ingredients in Cheerios, Green America is targeting coffee retailer Starbucks Corp. In a press release today, Green America said it is calling on the Seattle-based coffee giant "to stop sourcing milk from cows fed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in feed, including corn, soy, alfalfa, and cottonseed, and to use a third-party verifier to ensure that the milk used at Starbucks stores is, in fact, sourced from cows eating non-GMO feed."

Green America's GMO Inside campaign uses a website and Facebook page.

"Starbucks already serves soy milk that is organic and non-GMO. Consumers also deserve dairy milk held to the same standard and level of quality," stated Green America's GMO Inside Campaign Director Nicole McCann. "Consumers will put pressure on Starbucks to serve only organic, non-GMO milk. And the reality is that the process Starbucks put in place to remove rBGH from its milk source can be used to source organic milk."

Starbucks reported annual revenues of $14.9 billion in its 2013 fiscal year ended Sept. 29, 2013. It opened 1,701 new stores in the year and has a total of 19,767 stores worldwide. A response from Starbucks was not immediately available.