Greiner Packaging Danone for MenDanone, the parent company of U.S. dairy processor Dannon, launched its own yogurt product line for men in Bulgaria last summer. The concept is currently being expanded to other markets. The company partnered with Greiner Packaging to create containers with stylish, sleeved cups that focused on a masculine design.

In a number of studies, Danone Bulgaria concentrated on the taste preferences of Bulgarian men in yogurt consumption. The major findings revealed that men in Bulgaria particularly like yogurt products with thick consistency, high fat content, and a distinctive taste. Natural ingredients were also sought after. These insights influenced the creation of the product line, Danone for Men, which has been a success in the Bulgarian market since summer 2013.

Greiner Packaging Danone for MenMasculine packaging design
Greiner Packaging was commissioned with the packaging concept for Danone for Men. Deep black – a symbol of strength and dominance – dominates the look. The masculine need for clear structures is reflected in a unique cup shape. Straightforward, minimalist graphics appeal to the male aesthetic sense.

“The shape of the cup presented a huge technical challenge, especially with respect to the filling process. We’re glad we were able to meet these high demands,” said Kenneth Boldog, Head of Division K at Greiner Packaging International. The cups for Danone for Men contain 190 or 370 grams and are decorated with a sleeve.

Content and promotion according to masculine taste
Danone for Men fulfills the desire for high fat content in the form of a natural yogurt with 5% fat. Fresh slices of peach and walnuts are the natural ingredients that also provide flavor. Danone for Men yogurt products are thick enough to be consumed with a fork. This feature was also played up as a key message in advertising through the use of a fork display as tall as 2.5 metres. Danone Bulgaria also supports the new product line with its own specially designed refrigerators in supermarkets.

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SOURCE: Greiner Packaging