To better understand the success of QCS Purchasing and why its members so firmly support the company, you wouldn’t have to look much further than how QCS delivers on the two core principles that drive its business model.  Its first priority is to leverage the buying scale of the organization, thereby providing the best returns regarding price, quality and value. As the organization is the “low-cost provider” in its market segment and a not-for-profit organization, all monies earned (after expenses) are returned to its members in the form of discounts, rebates and patronage.  

QCS core objectives:

  • To maximize returns for our owners 
  • To remain the low-cost provider in our industry 
  • To innovate and grow for the benefit of our owners
  • To create lasting  and valued supply-partner relationships
The QCS program offers best-in-class buying solutions in the most common procurement areas such as packaging, resin, orange juice (hedging through futures contracts), corn sweeteners tolling, MRO supplies, cleaners/sanitizers, vehicles and other fleet items.  A full complement of online training programs are also available including CIP, HACCP, GMPs, route driver training and employee safety training. All are in English and Spanish.
While operating primarily in the area of dairy supply procurement, the group also represents significant volumes in natural food, bottled water, carbonated beverages, fruit and vegetable manufacturers, as well as craft beer producers.  Overall, QCS represents a robust and diverse community, which continues to expand beyond the traditional programs that its competitors offer. 
QCS also holds two major networking conferences each year, one in the spring and the other in the fall.  Both are set up to offer the community additional benefits such as educational workshops, a supplier trade show and a performance-based award format that recognizes excellence. Hundreds of supply partners, members and guests attend both valuable networking based conferences every year.

Company overview

QCS Purchasing LLC is the largest supply chain management service of its kind with over 500 buying locations within its community.  The company is owned by three partners: SECO (Southeast Cooperative Organization), Quality Chekd Dairies and Allied Purchasing, each of which has been in business dating back to the early 1940s. Since the incorporation of QCS in 2005, annualized purchasing dollars have more than doubled, which can be attributed to the company’s ability to create value by leveraging the buying scale of its membership. 
The dedicated staff of professionals at QCS Purchasing has over 110 years of dairy and food industry experience among them.  President Peter Horvath notes: “The growth that we continue to experience can be directly attributed to the dedication of our team members, the support of our supply partners, as well as the confidence of our owners in QCS to deliver necessary results. We do represent the very best companies in the industry and are very proud and fortunate to be a small part of their success.”
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