High efficiency coalescing filters are often specified when there is a need to protect sensitive equipment that is operated by compressed air. A high efficiency coalescing filter can tame the effects of oil, water, and particulates that are present in virtually all compressed air supply lines. A high quality coalescing filter element will typically have a rated filtration efficiency of somewhere 95% and 99.999+%. The required level of filtration efficiency is dependent upon the quality of the compressed air in the supply line, and the sensitivity of the equipment or process that is connected to the line. For example, when compressed air is used to propel paint to the surface of an automobile body, it is imperative that the compressed air be as pure as possible in order to avoid defects in the painted surface. Therefore, coalescing filters with very high efficiencies are often specified for critical applications.


To view the white paper on "Coalescing Efficiency in Replacement Filter Elements," click here.