The French Association for Standardization, known as Afnor, gave its validation mark to Delvotest T1, an antibiotic milk testing solution from Royal DSM. Afnor is an independent, internationally recognized certification body.

Delvotest T is said to be a reliable and cost-effective test to detect antibiotic residues in milk. It can detect all antibiotics in the MRL (Maximum Residue Level), but has a higher sensitivity for tetracycline and better compliance to the MRL level than most other tests available. Delvotest T can be applied on cow, sheep and goat’s milk with or without azidiol preservative and benefits from a clear color coding system to eliminate the possibility of any incorrect readings.

“Antibiotic residue tests have become an indispensable tool for farmers and dairies worldwide to guarantee the quality of their produce. With our Delvotest range, we have played a vital role in reducing milk contamination, guaranteeing ongoing compliance to changing standards and protecting the all important reputations of dairy producers since 1974,” said Mylène Caussette, marketing manager tests.