PDC Corp. developed a cutting system that is an alternative to the spinning knives that have been ubiquitous throughout the shrink sleeve packaging industry. PDC’s patented blade assemblies are custom-engineered for precision cutting and perforating operations in tamper-evident banders and shrink sleeve labelers. They are manufactured from proven, extreme-service tool steels for maximum wearability and toughness. Manufacturing protocols developed by PDC insure precision flatness and exceptional edge profile uniformity. PDC blade assemblies operate dust-free, and eliminate “hairs” typical of spinning knife systems.


PDC blades deliver precise, clean cuts for months, even under continuous, high-speed conditions. The robust design of the blade assembly translates directly into less frequent machine downtime and substantially longer intervals between blade replacements. This directly results in increased uptime and higher productivity. Blade assemblies are compatible with every major sleeving and labeling film, including PVC, PET, PETG, PLA, OPS, and stretch polyethylene sleeve labels. Very thin gauge material (30 to 50 micron, depending on speed and container configuration) can also be used with this PDC blade technology.

PDC International