Tank Transport
Integra’s JO Dolly™ is a tank transport designed to safely carry high purity tanks up to 18 inches in diameter (140L). This new dolly has a low-profile design resulting in an extremely low center of gravity that greatly reduces tip-over potential, especially across thresholds and up ramps. The ergonomically designed handle is connected to the dolly base which eliminates the need to push the tank, further reducing tip-over potential. The JO Dolly’s cradle-style base ensures the tank stays safely in place during transport. Because the dolly’s custom casters are designed specifically with the autoclave process in mind, there is no need to remove the tank, which can be brought virtually anywhere. This also eliminates further handling of the tank once it’s placed on the dolly and increases safety, efficiency and ease of use. Other added features include greaseless, non-bearing casters.
— Integra Companies, 29 Saratoga Blvd., Devens, Mass., 01434, phone: (800) 958-2521, fax: (978) 772-9466, e-mail: sales@integracompanies.com , Web site: www.integracompanies.com
System Upgrade
Thermo Fisher has announced a major upgrade to its Thermo Scientific EZx contaminant detection system. The upgrade, which is being launched just 18 months after the successful introduction of the EZx system, includes numerous customer-based enhancements to the software and hardware components of the system. Food packaging engineers and quality professionals will now have further improved contaminant detection capabilities with an X-ray system that is even more flexible and easy to use. The company will also offer a comprehensive software and hardware upgrade to existing customers, and all of the recent improvements have been made standard or are available as options on new EZx systems.
— Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 81 Wyman St., Waltham, Mass., 02454, phone: (781) 622-1000, fax: (781) 622-1207, Web site: www.thermofisher.com
Mixproof Tank-Bottom Valve
Following up on the recent industry-changing introduction of the new 24/7 PMO Valve™, Tuchenhagen has introduced a new PMO Mixproof Tank-Bottom Valve to create a complete mixproof solution for dairy silo process piping. One of the major challenges which processors face is the proper cleaning of silo outlet headers. Typically these larger-sized headers rely on the CIP supply from the silo circuit, which rarely supplies sufficient CIP line velocity to allow the header to be properly cleaned. By using the new PMO Mixproof Tank-Bottom Valve, fitted flush with the silo, the outlet header can be cleaned independently of the silo CIP circuit, ensuring proper cleaning. An ideal compliment to the new 24/7 PMO Valve for the ultimate in PMO mixproof solutions for dairy process piping.
—Tuchenhagen Flow Components LLC, 90 Evergreen Drive, Portland, Maine, 04103, phone: (207) 797-9500, fax: (207) 878-7914, e-mail: info@tuchenhagen.com , Web site: www.tuchenhagen.com
Mixing Paddle Scraper
Remco offers a Mixing Paddle Scraper that is lightweight, durable and made from FDA-approved materials. The solid one-piece polypropylene construction makes bacteria and contamination issues an unlikely threat — a critical concern for food plants everywhere. With its T-grip handle and tapered edges around the paddle, this tool can efficiently mix products and scrape tubs and vats without damaging the work surface. It is available with or without holes, in two lengths, and five colors. The 52-inch versions are also available in metal detectable.
— Remco Products, 4735 W. 106th St., Zionsville, Ind., 46077, phone: (317) 876-9856, fax: (317) 876-9858, Web site: www.remcoproducts.com
Customized Solutions
Tetra Pak protects what’s good‘™. The company is focused on providing food and beverage manufacturers with customized, comprehensive processing and packaging solutions, including processing and filling equipment, plant automation and a large variety of packaging systems and secondary packaging solutions. This approach allows Tetra Pak to truly be the company that “protects what’s good.”
— Tetra Pak Inc., 101 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, Ill., 60061, phone: (847) 955-6000, fax: 847-955-6500, e-mail: giovanna.prestes@tetrapak.com , Web site: www.tetrapakusa.com
Bag Inserter System
OK International has introduced its new stainless-steel case liner, the Superliner SL330. The machine has been designed for quick and easy size changes, making it most suitable for customers handling multiple case sizes. The machine is capable of running up to 18 cycles per minute. The machine makes bags with an adjustable length from rolls of continuous gusseted tubing. The bag is opened and placed into a case, crate, drum or tray with the neck cuffed over the edges, providing a hygienic container ready for filling with a variety of food and non-food products. Other standard features of the machine include an easy load, dual roll holder, a stainless-steel tabletop conveyor and Allen Bradley controls with self diagnostics.
— O/K International Corp., 73 Bartlett St., Marlborough, Mass., 01752, phone: (508) 303-8286, fax: (508) 303-8207, Web site: www.okcorp.com
Redesigned Powder Mixer
Fristam’s newly redesigned Powder Mixer features a round tube frame that eliminates product pooling and makes it easy to clean. Its improved electrical box is UL-approved, drip-proof, dust-tight, fan-vented and removable for service. Fristam’s Powder Mixer efficiently blends dry and wet ingredients into a fluid stream and saves processors time and money by improving product consistency and reducing blend and processing times.
— Fristam Pumps USA, 2410 Parview Road, Middleton, Wis., 53562, phone: (608) 831-5001, fax: (608) 831-8467, Web site: www.fristam.com
Concrete Dye
Each application of L&M’s new Vivid Concrete Dye™ provides a unique opportunity for creating architectural drama to any interior concrete surface. The company has introduced the fast-drying easy to apply Vivid Dye Concrete Coloring System to compliment its sustainable FGS/PermaShine Polished Concrete Floor System. The L&M Vivid Concrete Dye is a post-hardening concrete coloration system for building projects that specify a color scheme. The water-based Vivid Dye formula can be applied in areas with minimum ventilation, around potential spark or flame producing environments, and within close proximity to perishable food stocks. The low VOC content of the water- based dye can also provide installers and building occupants improved indoor environmental quality and the potential for building teams to gain points toward certification of buildings registered for the Leed® Green Building Rating System™.
— L&M Construction Chemicals, 14851 Calhoun Road, Omaha, Neb., 68152, phone: (402) 453-6600, fax: (402) 453-0244, Web site: www.lmcc.com
Misting Nozzles
MicroWhirl™ misting nozzles from Bete Fog Nozzle eliminate the dripping problems and fragility of impingement nozzles and offer improved durability in a wide range of applications, including turbine cooling, odor and dust control, humidification, scrubbing and coating. The nozzle’s rugged, pinless design provides outstanding atomization with spray characteristics of a mist at low pressure and heavy fog at high pressure. Design features include a 70 micron polypropylene filter and Viton“ O-ring seal, cone-shaped fog spray pattern, and flow rates of 0.009 to 0.151 gpm. MicroWhirl nozzles are available in either 303 or 316 stainless steel, with an optional safety wire hole.
— Bete Fog Nozzle Inc., 50 Greenfield St., Greenfield, Mass., 01301, phone: (413) 772-0846, fax: (413) 772-6729, e-mail: sales@bete.com , Web site: www.bete.com
Economical Weigher
Heat and Control has introduced the Ishida DP series weighers that deliver consistently accurate weigh filling of powdered products, such as drink mixes, coffee, milk and detergents. The economical Ishida model CCW-DP-210 features steeply angled infeed and discharge chutes to maintain a constant flow of powders. Leak-proof hoppers assure consistent accuracy of +/-1 gram at speeds up to 60 weighments per minute. A double-opening discharge timing hopper ensures fast transfer to bagmakers and other packaging machinery. As with all Ishida weighers, all product contact parts can be removed without using tools for fast, easy cleaning. Heat and Control revolutionized the packaging industry with its introduction of Ishida’s Computer Combination Weigher to North America in 1980.
— Heat and Control Inc., 21121 Cabot Blvd., Hayward, Calif., 94545-1132, phone: (510) 259-0500, fax: (510) 259-0600, e-mail: info@heatandcontrol.com , Web site: www.heatandcontrol.com
Printing Solution
Tharo Systems provides an easy solution for printing bar code and RFID labels using XML (Extensible Markup Language) enabled enterprise systems. EasyLabel® 5.5 Platinum’s XML Monitor will “watch” a file directory or TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) port and will automatically print RFID or bar code labels when a compatible XML file is received. This feature provides a direct connection to any application capable of generating a properly formatted XML file. It will make seamless printing RFID or bar code labels from supply chain or manufacturing software. The XML Generator enables you to generate XML from a given format file. The generator prompts for the format, number of labels to print, which printer to use and variable data used to populate the fields on the format. The XML file that results from the generator can be used as a template that can be uploaded to and populated from within an XML enabled application.
— Tharo Systems Inc., 2866 Nationwide Parkway, Brunswick, Ohio, 44212, phone: (330) 273-4408, fax: (330) 225-0099, e-mail: sales@tharo.com , Web site: www.tharo.com
Recycling and Compaction System
Maxim’s Maxim™izer 400 Series recycling and compaction system has been developed to support the markets increasing demands for effective liquid extraction, compaction, recycling and destruction of material waste including dated, damaged or recalled product. Applications include milk and dairy products, soft drinks, beer, wine, juice and juice drinks, bottled water, sports and energy drinks. The Maximizer 400 Series is a fully automatic and fully enclosed processor that features a small footprint. It is ideally suited for industries where high liquid extraction and maximum material compaction rates are required within a limited space, and is powered by an energy efficient drive which incorporates a specially designed screw-type auger system. Material is squeezed and twisted past a cutter plate before entering a unique compaction chamber, destroying the waste materials’ memory and progressively reducing its volume.
— Maxim Manufacturing Inc., 620 South St., Holbrook, Mass., 02343, phone: (781) 961-7530, fax: (781) 961-7532, e-mail: Anthony Visco at tvisco@maximmfg.net , Web site: www.maximmfg.net
Hygienic Plate Heat Exchanger
APV has launched the NR5 Easy Flow, a new Super Hygienic Plate Heat Exchanger. The NR5 Easy Flow can provide up to a 20 percent increase in processing capacity and is a natural successor of the R5. The NR5 is made of 0.6 millimeter 316 stainless steel and measurements are identical to the R5, though the NR5 frame will carry up to 20 percent more plates because of a thinner plate material. The plate is 3A approved and can be used in the dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The NR5 plate design features classic diagonal flow with naturally high distribution which translates to an increase in the heat transfer area and a reduction of clean in place time. The plates also are equipped with Easy Clip gaskets that provide quick gasket replacement without glue, and Corner Interlock to secure correct alignment and eliminate plate damage. The NR5 plate contains 174 contact points per square foot.
— APV Invensys, 100 S. CP Ave., Lake Mills, Wis., 53551, phone: (920) 648-8311, fax: (920) 648-1441, e-mail: apvproducts.us@invensys.com, Web site: www.apv.invensys.com
Retort Bottle
Sonoco’s panel-less retort bottle is suitable for shelf-stable, low-acid, dairy-based beverages and ready-to-drink coffees, it protects the product inside from oxygen, stands up to the rigorous retort sterilization process without the internal panels or ribs found in other retort bottles, and keeps contents shelf-stable at ambient conditions. Produced using a value-added multi-layer process, Sonoco’s plastic retort bottle is round and smooth-walled and has an easy-open and re-close induction seal closure. It is available in a variety of colors and the transparent panel-less retort bottle provides excellent contact clarity when filled.
— Sonoco, 1 N. Second St., Hartsville, S.C., 29550, phone: (843) 383-7000, fax: (843) 339-6620, Web site: www.sonoco.com
Updated Web Site
Computerway Food Systems has updated its company Web site, www.mycfs.com, to give customers easier access to information. Computerway reorganized the site by adding and making information easier for visitors to find. The site features a new look throughout. Information has been added and updated on all available Computerway products. Employee information, press releases and newsletters now can be accessed through the site.
— Computerway Food Systems, 635 Southwest St., High Point, N.C., phone: (336) 841-7289, Web site: www.mycfs.com
Application-Specific Brochure
Sioux Steam Cleaner’s custom, application-specific brochure highlights the company’s complete custom capabilities for building water and solution heating systems, pressure washers, steam cleaners and steam generators. Sioux offers extensive experience in the industry as well as complete engineering capabilities. Custom-designed machines are available with customer-specified components, custom frames and mountings, custom electrical setups, high-performance ratings, self-contained systems, or special codes and certifications. Sioux’s rugged, dependable, high-performance, industrial-quality machines are easy to install, operate and maintain.
— Sioux Steam Cleaner Corp., 1 Sioux Plaza, Beresford, S.D., 57004, (605) 763-3333, fax: (605) 763-3334
Continuous-Duty Shrink Tunnels
PDC International has expanded its line of continuous-duty shrink tunnels to include systems that use infrared, hot air convection and steam — as well as combinations of these methods. PDC shrink tunnels process heat-shrinkable sleeve labels, tamper-evident bands, multipacks and pre-forms. Systems are engineered for continuous service (even during power outages), and provide exceptional precision at speeds up to 600 cpm. PDC shrink tunnels deliver an exceptionally high “shrink-to-energy” ratio, thus film consistency is high, the product’s visual appeal is optimized, and energy consumption is kept low. Hot air within the tunnel circulates in a unique, “surround” pattern, producing uniform shrinkage and is redirected into the blowers for optimal efficiency. Adjustability allows PDC shrink tunnels to be usable for a wide range of applications. Systems can accommodate filled or empty containers of all shapes and materials.
— PDC International Corp., 8 Sheehan Ave., Norwalk, Conn., 06854, phone: (203) 853-1516, fax: (203) 854-0834, e-mail: sales@pdc-corp.com , Web site: www.pdc-corp.com