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Wailuku, Hawaii-based Roselani Ice Cream has introduced a new 56-ounce retail carton for its entire line of flavors. “The old 64-ounce carton is rapidly becoming a dinosaur throughout our industry,” says third-generation ice cream maker Cathy Nobriga Kim. “We’re moving forward in order to be consistent with the new industry standard while maintaining the quality of our product. Our family tradition dictates that quality and integrity are of the utmost importance.” The new carton — designed by Sadene Ota of Sae Design in Wailuku — features front panels in colors that stylistically denote the flavor inside. Roselani is a division of Maui Soda & Ice Works Ltd., owned and operated by the Nobriga family. Kim’s grandfather started making ice cream from scratch in 1932; it was branded as Roselani in 1970 by her father, Buddy. Today, Roselani Ice Cream is still made fresh daily in Wailuku and is available throughout the Islands.
New Hampshire environmental leaders have awarded Portland, Maine-based Oakhurst Dairy the 2007 Environmental Hero Award. Sponsored by The Heart of New Hampshire, this first-ever award recognizes businesses and individuals taking positive steps to improve the environment. “We’re honored to be selected as a business leader in the environmental movement and receive recognition for something we feel so strongly about,” says Linda Sheehy, marketing communications manager for Oakhurst Dairy. “Taking care of the environment is central to our mission, and we’re proud to set a positive example. Not only do we focus inside our operations to see how we can do things cleaner and more efficiently, but we also look externally for opportunities to improve the livability of our communities. On an ongoing basis, we donate 10 percent of our profits to organizations that promote healthy kids and a healthy environment.”
Stonyfield Farm and Environmental Defense launched a petition drive last month to urge Congress to expand farmland stewardship and protection programs in the 2007 Farm Bill. A message printed on more than 8 million Stonyfield Farm yogurt lids told consumers: “In the time it takes to eat this yogurt, 10 acres of farmland will be lost to development.” Consumers were urged to take action such as signing a petition to Congress seeking more funds for USDA programs that reward farmers when they help preserve open spaces and provide a healthier environment. The Londonderry, N.H.-based yogurt maker has been a leader in public outreach on health and the environment using its cup lids, Web site and consumer events to reach millions of consumers to build awareness and action on healthy food choices, climate change, and organic and family farming. Congress is expected to renew farm and food policies this year in the 2007 Farm Bill.
Akron, N.Y.-based Perry’s Ice Cream Co. Inc., which markets to the Buffalo region, has created its wildest flavor yet — Nutty Business — to mark the 50th birthday of Buki, one of the three female Asian elephants at the Buffalo Zoo. Perry’s says that with “premium peanut butter ice cream, golden caramel swirls and chocolate covered peanuts, Nutty Business is sure to tame even elephant size cravings for nuts.” Every purchase of Nutty Business also helps the local community; a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Buffalo Zoo’s Elephant House renovation project. The Elephant House project is also supported through the zoo’s “I Love Elephants Campaign,” which offers informational packets with fundraising ideas to help Zoo favorites — Asian elephants Buki, Surapa and Jothi — update their home. Nutty Business is available for a limited time at the Buffalo Zoo, as well as select ice cream stands and retail locations throughout New York and western Pennsylvania.
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