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New York-based Lactalis USA Inc. has introduced new packaging for its Président® brand feta cheese. Featuring an easy-to-open, recloseable package, the see-through container keeps the feta fresh longer with a tight-fitting lid. Designed with the consumer in mind, the transparent container with eye-catching graphics provides multiple opportunities for catching the shopper’s attention. These innovations come at no additional cost to the retailer or consumer. The packaging is standard for the entire 8-ounce Feta Chunk line, including the following flavors: Plain Feta, California Tomato & Basil Feta, Mediterranean Herbs Feta, Gourmet Black Pepper Feta, Fat Free Plain Feta, Fat Free California Tomato & Basil Feta and Fat Free Mediterranean Herbs Feta.
Dairy Management Inc. and the School Nutrition Association recently honored an Ohio school district and milk processor with the Leadership In School Nutrition (LISN) Award. The LISN Award helps advance the producer-funded New Look of School Milk (NLSM) program by recognizing and promoting partnerships between individual dairy processors and schools that pave the way for school milk innovation by offering milk in plastic, single-serve bottles on the school meal line. Strongsville City Schools in Strongsville, Ohio, and Cleveland-based Dairymens Milk & Ice Cream Co. were honored as first-place winners in the second-annual LISN awards. Each organization received a check for $5,000 to invest in future school nutrition efforts. More information is at
Norseland Inc., Stamford, Conn., has revitalized its Norwegian Snofrisk brand by redesigning its packaging with colorful, snappy new graphics. The revamped version has plenty of eye appeal and is sure to grab consumers’ attention in the specialty cheese case. With a unique blend of goat’s milk and cow’s cream, this mild, spreadable cheese is delicate with a touch of tanginess, and is ideal for breakfast or snacking.
Imagine a world where dreams come true — an island without worries, just laughter. Imagine a town where weightlessness is part of everyday life. These places exist, at least in the next round of “Toma Leche” (Drink Milk) ads produced by the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), creators of the popular “got milk?” TV spots. This year’s Spanish-language campaign, developed by Long Beach-based Grupo Gallegos, consists of three, 30-second TV ads. “Dreams” and “Laughs” debuted in January and will run throughout May with the rotation of the third installment, “Law of Gravity.” With humor and wit, the TV spots position milk as a wonder tonic that fights sleep deprivation, cavities and bone loss. All three ads encourage Latinos to drink milk for these health values. 
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