Upgrade Option
Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced a major upgrade to its Thermo Scientific metal detector family (formerly sold under the Goring Kerr brand name). The upgrade extends the operational life of the Thermo Scientific DSP2, DSP3 and Metal Eliminator products in the field while improving ease of use, reliability and performance. The new upgrade option, which brings innovation from the new Thermo Scientific APEX solutions, gives customers two choices to meet their metal-detection needs: Relatively new customers will benefit from the upgrade assuming the sensitivity ranges still meet their requirements, while customers with older models who already anticipate stricter sensitivity requirements in the future, may opt for the newest APEX solution. Used as an integral part of contaminant detection in the food-production process, the Thermo Scientific APEX product line detects all types of metals — including the most common, stainless steel — in food products before they are shipped.
— Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 81 Wyman St., Waltham, Mass., 02454, phone: (781) 622-1000, fax: (781) 622-1207, Web site: www.thermofisher.com
New Valve
Fogg Filler has created a new valve for filling glass bottles. With Fogg’s innovation and sanitation, the company has emerged into the new standard for filling glass bottles. Consumer safety is always on the top of manufacturers’ minds. Therefore, when manufacturers are filling glass bottles, filling valves encountering the glass bottle is always of great concern. That is why Fogg has designed its new Polymer Tipped filling valve. This valve has a high-tech polymer nose, which makes it very durable during CIP and SIP without cracking or detaching. This technology can also be retrofitted to any older Fogg valves with the expectation of the same filling success.
— Fogg Co., 3455 John F. Donnelly Drive, Holland, Mich., 49424, phone: (616) 786-3644, fax: (616) 786-0350, Web site: www.foggfiller.com
Janitorial Chemicals
To complete its extensive offering of janitorial equipment and supplies, Nelson-Jameson has added a full line of janitorial chemicals from NYCO Products Co. NYCO offers a variety of janitorial chemicals specifically formulated for sanitary maintenance and industrial cleaning. Degreasers to remove grime, grease and build-up are available in several formulations. The line also provides bowl cleaners, drain cleaners, glass cleaners, disinfectants and odor counteractants for restroom maintenance. Other cleaning products featured include: floor care products, multi-purpose cleaners, dish soap, liquid stainless- steel cleaner and polish, and truck and car wash.
— Nelson-Jameson Inc., P.O. Box 647, 2400 E. Fifth St., Marshfield, Wis., 54449, phone: (715) 387-1151, fax: (715) 387-8746, e-mail: sales@nelsonjameson.com, Web site: www.nelsonjameson.com
Tube Heat Exchanger
The custom Metalcraft CM-3-Tube Heat Exchanger is simple to install, operate and maintain. The CM-3-Tube can be cleaned and sanitized with standard CIP systems and is easily disassembled, without tools, for periodic inspection. To heat or cool a liquid product, the CM-3-Tube is the cleanest and simplest multi-tube heat exchanger on the market. The CM-3 features a unique, patented take-apart design that is constructed to the highest sanitary standards. The product is surrounded by the heating/cooling medium for maximum thermal efficiency. These exchangers will function as heaters or coolers using water, steam, or most other mediums. The system is a highly efficient, sanitary liquid product to liquid product regenerator — recovering as much as 90 percent of the original heat.
— Custom Metalcraft Inc., P.O. Box 10587, Springfield, Mo., 65808, phone: (417) 862-0707, e-mail: cmcsales@custom-metalcraft.com, Web site: www.custom-metalcraft.com
Rain Wear
PolyConversions’ new 3-piece VR Rainsuit includes jacket with storm flap, detachable hood and bib-style pants with adjustable elastic suspenders. Features consist of reinforced crotch and underarms, comfort-fit design, strong thermal seals, and quick-release snap lock buckles with easy adjustment front and back. The VR Rainsuit incorporates a naturally soft and lightweight design with physical properties superior to PVC and other traditional rainsuit materials. VR is a new-age impervious material made from high-tech plastic resins, highly resistant to fats, oils and a wide array of acid chemicals. Recent published results from an independent lab study reveals that VR, an odorless and non-toxic material, is able to shed oils, fats, greases and other organic residues at a faster rate during routine cleaning and disinfection processes. VR also resists bio-film accumulation and cracking or tearing in low-temperature work environments, eliminating the potential for flecking and particle contamination.
— PolyConversions Inc., 505 Condit Drive, Rantoul, Ill., 61866, phone: (217) 893-3330, fax: (217) 893-3003, e-mail: info@polyconversions.com, Web site: www.polycousa.com
Pressure Gauges
Ashcroft® 1200 series (ASME grade 2A) pressure gauges each provide the distinct capabilities necessary to monitor pressures in nearly every type of process. In basic applications, the rugged Ashcroft® Type 1259 is the economical choice for years of dependable service. In more rigorous installations, the Type 1279 Duragauge® pressure gauge is designed for use in the presence of harsh pressure media, fire hazard or extreme cycle volumes. Add pulsation and vibration, and the Type 1279 Duragauge® PLUS! pressure gauge offers patented technology to dampen pointer flutter without the need for liquid fill.
— Ashcroft Inc., 250 E. Main St., Stratford, Conn., 06614-5145, phone: (203) 378-8281 or (800) 328-8258, fax: (203) 385-0408, Web site: www.ashcroft.com
Equipment Patent
AdvantaPure has announced that its Hose Track Process Equipment Identification and Lifecycle Analysis System has received U.S. Patent Number 7,195,149. Developed for hose assemblies used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biomedical, chemical, and other high-purity applications, Hose Track also works with other process equipment, including pumps, bio-bags, filters, diaphragm valves, UV lamps, tanks, and vessels. Hose Track uses RFID technology and software to identify parts and monitor on-going, wear-related events, such as cleaning cycles, the number of batches processed and other user-defined occurrences. It involves read/write RFID tags and readers to provide a solution for the critical job of process component maintenance and replacement.
— AdvantaPure, 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa., 18966, phone: (215) 526-2151, fax: (215) 526-2167, e-mail: sales@advantapure.com, Web site: www.advantapure.com
Upgraded Features
FKI Logistex has announced a set of upgrades to its Order Manager™ software solution —  a combined warehouse management system (WMS)/warehouse control system (WCS) available exclusively from FKI Logistex. Upgraded features include RFID support, enhanced order management, inventory control, and productivity reporting. Designed as both a cost-effective solution for small, manual stockrooms and a mission-critical application for warehouses that require an automated equipment interface with a short implementation time, Order Manager eliminates the need for multiple connections to a company’s enterprise business systems (EBS). An EBS can communicate with Order Manager directly, avoiding multiple hardware and software vendor connections.
— FKI Logistex, 9301 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, Mo., 63132, phone: (877) 935-4564, Web site: www.fkilogistex.com
Application-Specific Brochure
Sioux Steam Cleaner’s custom, application-specific brochure highlights the company’s complete custom capabilities for building water and solution heating systems, pressure washers, steam cleaners and steam generators. Sioux offers extensive experience in the industry as well as complete engineering capabilities. Custom-designed machines are available with customer-specified components, custom frames and mountings, custom electrical setups, high-performance ratings, self-contained systems or special codes and certifications. Sioux’s rugged, dependable, high-performance, industrial-quality machines are easy to install, operate and maintain.
— Sioux Steam Cleaner Corp., 1 Sioux Plaza, Beresford, S.D., 57004, (605) 763-3333, fax: (605) 763-3334
Milk Analyzer
Get reliable, rapid milk composition profiles with the affordable Page & Pedersen LactiCheck Milk Analyzer. Now featuring 6 key component readings, fat, solids, added water, density, protein and lactose are all reported in just 85 seconds. Data can also be automatically transferred to a PC thru the LactiLog™ Software. The LactiCheck is a compact, robust instrument offering a number of new options to the dairy industry, as it can be installed in the lab or at critical control points throughout the plant.
— Page & Pedersen International Ltd., 158 W. Main St., Hopkinton, Mass., 01748, phone: (508) 435-5966, fax: (508) 435-8198, Web site: www.pagepedersen.com
Wireless Data Loggers
Dairies seeking to minimize product spoilage and to find easy-to-use tools for USDA and HAACP compliance can now obtain Dickson Wireless Data Loggers for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for ultimate flexibility in monitoring technology without any wiring constraints whatsoever. Dickson, which offers a broad range of data loggers and chart recorders available worldwide to museum archivists, provides the same guarantee of accuracy and reliability to the dairy industry that these archivists have come to expect from all Dickson data loggers and chart recorders.
— The Dickson Co., 930 S. Westwood Ave., Addison, Ill., 60101-4917, phone: (800) 757-3747, fax :(800) 676-0498, Web site: www.dicksonweb.com
High-Performance Vacuum
When it comes to the food industry, hygiene and sanitation are of paramount importance. QA and plant managers need a dependable solution for keeping contaminants out of their plants and product, and in 2005 Nilfisk-Advance America gave food manufacturers the ultimate workhorse: the 08 Series vacuum, a high-performance, durable, easy-to- maintain vacuum, engineered to make the food manufacturing process more productive. The three-phase 08 series — which includes the CFM 3308, CFM 3508, CFM 3508W and CFM 3558 — gives users the cleaning muscle they need for continuous duty applications, effectively collecting and retaining contaminants such as dust, bacteria, food scraps and more. Designed to meet customers’ needs, the 08 vacs are ideal for process-integration systems, central systems or for general maintenance, and are more accessible, adaptable, transportable and comfortable to operate.
— Nilfisk-Advance America Inc., 300 Technology Drive, Malvern, Pa., 19355, phone: (610) 232-5469, fax: (610) 647-6427, Web site: www.pa.nilfisk-advance.com
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