Misting Nozzles
MicroWhirl™ misting nozzles from Bete Fog Nozzle eliminate the dripping problems and fragility of impingement nozzles and offer improved durability in a wide range of applications, including turbine cooling, odor and dust control, humidification, scrubbing and coating. The nozzle’s rugged, pinless design provides outstanding atomization with spray characteristics of a mist at low pressure and heavy fog at high pressure. Design features include a 70 micron polypropylene filter and Viton“ O-ring seal, cone-shaped fog spray pattern, and flow rates of 0.009 to 0.151 gpm. MicroWhirl nozzles are available in either 303 or 316 stainless steel, with an optional safety wire hole. — Bete Fog Nozzle Inc., 50 Greenfield St., Greenfield, Mass., 01301, phone: (413) 772-0846, fax: (413) 772-6729, e-mail: sales@bete.com, Web site: www.bete.com
Whey Microparticulation
Tetra Pak has developed the Tetra Therm MicroPart™ to microparticulate whey proteins in an industrial way. The unequalled knowledge and experience of Tetra Pak is leveraged through an innovative, patented process. Microparticulated whey proteins behave like fat and can be used as fat substitution in the production of various dairy products such as cheese, desserts, yogurt and ice cream. The application of microparticulated proteins is expected to further boost the expanding low-fat dairy product segment. Substantial yield improvements can be expected as well on most cheese manufacturing processes. The Tetra Therm MicroPart module uses diluted WPC-powder or WPC-retentate to produce the microparticulated whey protein. Microparticulation through the Tetra Therm MicroPart has significant benefits: whey valorization through microparticulation creates a high degree of added value; and the improvement of low-fat cheese quality — Tetra Pak Inc., 101 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, Ill., 60061, phone: (847) 955-6000, fax: (847) 955-6500, Web site: www.tetrapakprocessing.com
Waterproof Casing
Hanna’s HI 99161’s waterproof casing provides excellent protection from water and humidity, typically present in the food industry. HI 99161 is supplied with the FC 202D pH electrode with built-in temperature sensor, specially designed for use in the food sector. This electrode features a rugged, easy to clean, Kynar® body that tapers to a strong conic tip ideal for semisolids applications such as meats and cheeses. The electrode has a free diffusion sleeve type reference junction which prevents the typical problems of clogging in viscous liquids or samples with high solids content such as milk or condiments. The electrolyte used in the FC 202D electrode is free from poisonous silver chloride, which eliminates food contamination by the electrode. HI 99161 allows automatic calibration at either NIST or standard buffer sets with auto recognition and a stability indicator. — Hanna Instruments, 584 Park East Drive, Woonsocket, R.I., 02895, phone: (800) 426.6287 or (401) 765-7500, fax: (401) 765-7575, Web site: www.hannainst.com
Cap Sorter
Fogg Filler has introduced a new model of cap sorters, the Z-24. The Z-24 cap sorter has been designed to accommodate the need for variable speeds. As manufacturers’ need for greater control over machinery is demanded, Fogg has designed the Z-24 cap sorter to achieve just that. The Z-24 has been designed with 230/460 v 3-phase electrics to allow variable speeds. The sorter will stop when the flow of bottles stops. The speeds will be adjustable from the HMI to improve sorting performance and minimize recirculation abuse. If a manufacture has a line with several different bottle sizes they can preset the Z-24 for each bottle for simple and efficient change over. This sorter has been designed with a clear hopper to allow the operator to always know when to refill with caps and avoid unnecessary checking. Fogg also makes a bulk cap elevator that couples with the Z-24 flawlessly removing the need for elevated loading. Two great features to help save the manufacture time and money. — Fogg Filler Co., 3455 John F. Donnelly Dr., Holland, Mich., 49424, phone: (616) 786-3644, fax: (616) 786-0350, Web site: www.foggfiller.com
Wrapper Series
Polypack has revolutionized print registration systems by developing the unique “clear-print” (patent pending) wrapper series. It is simpler, smaller, cheaper and composed of a patent-pending integrated film perforation system which perforates the film before multipacking products. Consequently, the machines are able to run film of 1mil thick and require minimum maintenance. Capable of using clear or printed film, these shrink wrappers are compact and the changeovers are made quickly and easily. — Polypack Inc., 3301 Gateway Centre Blvd., Pinellas Park, Fla., 33782, phone: (727) 578-5000, fax: (727) 578-1300, e-mail: info@polypack.com , Web site: www.polypack.com
Mixproof Valve
Tuchenhagen has introduced the first PMO Mixproof valve to allow 24/7 non-stop production in U.S. dairy plants, resulting in substantial productivity gains for U.S. dairy processors. Until now, PMO regulations have not allowed the cleaning of a mix-proof valve seat while product is present in one housing of the valve. As plant production must stop for cleaning of the valve seats, the flexibility of operation and productivity benefits associated with mix-proof technology has up to now been greatly reduced. However, due to its unique patented design, the PMO seat cleaning restriction has been lifted by the regulatory authorities for Tuchenhagen’s new generation 24/7 PMO Valve. This new valve is the only PMO mix-proof valve currently available which meets the regulatory requirements under which the seat cleaning restriction can be removed. — Tuchenhagen Flow Components, 90 Evergreen Drive, Portland, Maine, 04103, phone: (207) 797-9500, fax: (207) 878-7914, Web site: www.tuchenhagen.com
New Model
A-B-C Packaging Machine’s new Model 101 Pick & Place Packer/Unpacker has unique features that provide precision control and deliver superior product handling while maximizing packaging quality. The new model gives packagers the option to thin-wall containers without sacrificing package performance, provides improved bottle stability for lightweight plastic containers, reduces risk of breakage when handling glass, and provides secure handling of heavy, industrial-sized containers. The Model 101 provides uncasing or case packing for cans, cartons, glass or plastic containers. The machine offers high volume in a small package, offering a broad speed capability and a small footprint (11 feet, 7 inches long) that allows easy installation on the packaging line. The new servo-operated placement head is precisely controlled by PLC for smooth, no-drop container placement ensuring maximum container integrity. All production data is displayed in real time and reporting is automatic. — A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla., 34689, phone (800) 237-5975, fax: (727) 938-1239, Web site: www.abcpackaging.com
Laser Coder
Fifty watts of laser power that can reach 100 watts at peak power with state-of-the-art scanning technology, the new Videojet 3410 laser coder from Videojet Technologies provides high-quality coding for fast production lines and harsh environments. The laser prints high-quality graphics, characters and bar codes on a wide range of packaging materials, including certain rubbers and plastics that are traditionally difficult to mark. Capable of letter-quality script at over 2,400 feet per minute, the Videojet 3410 is ideal for high-speed applications in the food, beverage, brewing and extrusion industries. — Videojet Technologies Inc., 1500 Mittel Blvd., Wood Dale, Ill., 60191, phone: (630) 860-7300, Web site: www.videojet.com
CIP Management Module
Vigilistics® CIP Management Module enforces best practices for cleaning equipment used in food processing. The company translates plant CIP automation data into a detailed S-88 batch process model of the clean-in-place circuits and processing equipment, tracking every clean-in-place operation. Real-time analysis and notifications are used to maintain best practices and to alert management of any anomalies, such as incorrect operator actions, equipment malfunctions or data problems. The resulting cleaning records are maintained in secure auditable form for presentation to regulatory authorities. Vigilistics can notify management within a few seconds of the event and track the potential contamination to the exact lots that may be affected. Plant managers can take corrective action to minimize the impact because they are aware of a problem as soon as it happens. — Vigilistics Inc., 23361 Madero, Mission Viejo, Calif., 92691, phone: (949) 900-8380, fax: (949) 380-3778, Web site: www.vigilistics.com
Liquid Pre-Treatment
Ecolab has introduced its Exelerate™ HS, a specialized, peroxyacid-acid based liquid pre-treatment designed to penetrate protein-based dairy soils and speed up the cleaning process for dairy pasteurizers and other heated process equipment. This new innovation is the latest in the highly successful Exelerate line of products, which have been providing customers with superior results for over seven years. The new product also offers benefits to customers in both water and effluent surcharge savings. Because Exelerate HS is a pre-treatment program, it replaces up to 30 percent of the alkaline detergent necessary for the wash cycle, which helps reduce effluent surcharge and neutralization costs. Exelerate HS’s unique formula provides cleaner, shinier surfaces by removing the cooked-on protein soils, as well as fat and carbohydrates found in virtually all dairy processing plants. The product is non-corrosive to stainless steel and compatible with most sealing and gasket materials when used at recommended concentrations. A solution of Exelerate HS is applied prior to the caustic wash in regular circulation, spray and soak applications. The patent-pending, acidic pH and chelating agents work to ease soil release on hard-to-clean vessel and pipe walls by removing mineral scale. — Ecolab Inc., 370 N. Wabasha St., St. Paul, Minn., 55102-2233, phone: (651)293-2233, fax: (651)293-2092, Web site: www.ecolab.com
Printing System
Squid Ink has introduced its PZ Pilot high-resolution ink jet printing system. The PZ Pilot is an affordable solution for printing high-quality marks on non-porous products such as PVC. Squid Ink’s innovative PZ Pilot offers an alternative for small character product marking applications. PZ Pilot users can print up to four lines of text on all types of PVC.  No matter what product needs to be printed, PZ Pilot has the functionality to get the job done right. Using industry proven shared-wall piezo technology, the Pilot offers better print quality than competitive dot-matrix CIJ (continuous ink jet) or high-resolution printing systems. With 128 addressable jets per print head, PZ Pilot boasts 180 dpi print resolution. The result is a system that produces razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and the cleanest logos and graphics of any industrial ink-jet printing system on the market. — Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc., 1173 Osborne Road, Spring Lake Park, Minn., 55432, phone: (763) 795-8856, fax: (763) 795-8867, Web site: www.squidink.com
Case Liner
OK International has introduced its redesigned stainless steel case liner, the Superliner SL220. Enhanced controls and an improved sequence make the machine capable of running up to 18 cycles per minute. The machine makes bags with an adjustable length from rolls of continuous gusseted tubing. The bag is opened and placed into a case, crate, drum or tray with the neck cuffed over the edges, providing a hygienic container ready for filling with a variety of food and non-food products. Other standard features of the machine include a dual roll holder for easy loading and changing of the rolls of film, a stainless-steel conveyor and Allen Bradley controls with self diagnostics. — O/K International Corp., 73 Bartlett St., Marlborough, Mass., 01752, phone: (508) 303-8286, fax: (508) 303-8207, Web site: www.okcorp.com
Cheese Shredder
Introduced in the United States at Process Expo 2006, Urschel’s new USDA-approved CCX-D Cheese Shredder offers many impressive features. From exterior to interior, the Urschel-engineered design offers ergonomic, user-friendly features along with addressing ever-important sanitation concerns. The exterior of the CCX-D is made of highly polished stainless steel specifically designed to deter bacterial growth. An attached swing-away feed hopper eases maintenance and lends to sanitary design. Top-hinged dual panels provide efficient access to drive parts. These panels are rigidly attached, eliminating the need for removal from the machine. The shredder also offers an easily accessible integrated electrical panel without adding bulk to the overall dimensions of the machine. The machine mounts using tapped holes, so no exposed threads exist for potential bacterial growth. — Urschel Laboratories Inc., 2503 Calumet Ave., P.O. Box 2200, Valparaiso, Ind., 46384-2200, phone: (219) 464-4811, Web site: www.urschel.com
Linear Actuator
The Kerk Linear Actuator is designed for positioning requirements in electronics, semiconductor, medical, packaging, assembly equipment, automotive and other challenging applications. The Kerk Linear Actuator is the first linear actuator to incorporate Kerk’s trademark qualities of high precision, long life, innovative design and patented technology in a value-priced rod-type linear actuator. The Kerk Linear Actuator is leadscrew driven and provides an electromechanical alternative to a pneumatic actuator, improving accuracy and motion control in packaging industry applications. The ability to precisely move the actuator to any position and vary the speeds within the stroke, allows for flexibility and adjustability to accommodate the multitude of sizes, shapes and package changes. The actuator eliminates the noise, air quality and cost associated with pneumatics. The Kerk Linear Actuator is maintenance free and does not require lubrication. It is reliable and provides long life even in harsh environments. — Kerk Motion Products Inc., 1 Kerk Drive, Hollis, N.H., 03049, (603) 465-7227, Fax: (603) 465-3598, Web site: www.kerkmotion.com
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