Tamper-evident Closure
On the line and on the shelf the SecurTEC tamper-evident closure from Stanpac makes sense. Improve line efficiencies, optimize package safety and protect your brand with the SecurTEC 176, a proven alternative to traditional composite packaging. The tamper- evident feature is visible at point of purchase. The locking feature prevents accidental removal that can occur on packaging lines and in distribution channels. With a simple snap-on application, no special equipment or additional floor space is required. The closure is easier to open compared to traditional neck bands or inner seals.

— Stanpac Inc., Box 584, Lewiston, N.Y., 14092-0584, phone: (905) 957-3326, fax: (905) 957-3616, e-mail: info@stanpacnet.com, Web site: www.stanpacnet.com
All-Stainless Deunitizer
Unitizing loads can reduce load-out time, labor costs, equipment, and worker’s compensation claims. American Conveyor’s all-stainless deunitizers, shown in operation at Smith’s Dairy in Orrville, Ohio, allow operators to pick product from floor storage with a clamp truck and place the unitized load on one of two deunitizers. Stacks of product are single-filed and conveyed to one of eight high-speed pick lanes for load-out by a series of automatically selected divert gates. Ideal for dairies with direct store delivery routes, the ACC unitizing and deunitizing system moves unitized loads without the need for palletizing or having operators drag stacks of full crates to an in-floor conveyor on the way to load-out.

— American Conveyor Corp., 1819 Flushing Ave., Ridgewood, N.Y., 11385, phone: (718) 386-0480, fax: (718) 456-1233, e-mail: info@americanconveyor.net, Web site: www.americanconveyor.net
CIP Management Module
Vigilistics has announced the Vigilistics® CIP Management Module for enforcing best practices for cleaning equipment used in food processing. The company translates plant CIP automation data into a detailed S-88 batch process model of the clean-in-place circuits and processing equipment, tracking every clean-in-place operation. Real-time analysis and notifications are used to maintain best practices and to alert management of any anomalies, such as incorrect operator actions, equipment malfunctions or data problems. The resulting cleaning records are maintained in secure auditable form for presentation to regulatory authorities. Vigilistics can notify management within a few seconds of the event and track the potential contamination to the exact lots that may be affected. Plant managers can take corrective action to minimize the impact because they are aware of a problem as soon as it happens.

— Vigilistics Inc., 23361 Madero, Mission Viejo, Calif., 92691, phone: (949) 900-8380, fax: (949) 380-3778, Web site: www.vigilistics.com
New Design Concept
With IndraDrive Mi, Rexroth engineers have utilized a completely new motion control design concept. The motor casing serves as the heat sink for the servo/control system, which is attached to the long axis of the motor, adding only a small amount to the cross-sectional profile. This results in up to 30 percent less area required compared to other integrated systems where the electronics are fitted behind the motor, and more than 50 percent less total space compared to a traditional servo system with separate motor and drive packages. Overall, this dramatically reduces the required space and air conditioning requirements of the control cabinet.

— Bosch Rexroth Corp., 38000 Hills Tech Drive, Farmington Hills, Mich., 48331, phone: (248) 876-1000, fax: (248) 876-1116, Web site: www.boschrexroth-us.com
Film Feed Module
Standard-Knapp has introduced a new film feed module for its Continuum line of film wrappers and tray/shrink systems. Ideal for applications in the food and beverage industries, the film-feed module incorporates a direct drive to ensure efficient operation and lasting durability. Engineered with high-speed servos, the film-feed module consistently feeds, cuts and delivers clear or printed film to the wrapper wand. It also incorporates unique features to handle static-charged film with ease, minimizing machine maintenance and line downtime.

— Standard-Knapp Inc., 63 Pickering St., Portland, Conn., 06480, phone: (860) 342-1100, fax: (860) 342-1557, e-mail: info@standard-knapp.com, Web site: www.standard-knapp.com
Vacuum Conveyors
PIAB has enhanced the packaging process with its C-Series of vacuum conveyors. Due to the conveyors’ quiet nature and effective performance, they are ideal for packaging applications in a variety of different industries, including pharmaceutical, food and dairy. PIAB’s conveyors are used in the preliminary stage of the packaging process, which requires that a filler tube or hopper be loaded with the product being packaged. Powered by the company’s pneumatically driven vacuum pumps, PIAB’s vacuum conveyors safely and quietly transport up to 10 to 15 tons per hour of material into the hopper or filler tube. Once the material being packaged is conveyed, it is then ready to be delivered into pouches and sealed.

— PIAB USA Inc., 65 Sharp St., Hingham, Mass., 02043, phone: (800) 321-7422, Web site: www.piab.co
Horizontal Batch Cookers
Mepaco has announced the development of its new line of ThermaBlend™ cookers. ThermaBlend cookers are built using a proven hourglass design that provides a larger heating surface for better heat transfer. As a result, the ThermaBlend eliminates cooking inefficiencies while maintaining product integrity and reducing cooking times. The cookers feature dual-ribbon agitators for quick homogenous blending, a wrap-around ASME heat jacket to provide effective heat transfer, and a revolutionary scraper system to continuously ensure the heat exchange surfaces remain clean thus preventing burn-on while maximizing even transfer of heat to the product. — Mepaco, a division of Apache Stainless Equipment Corp., 200 Industrial Drive, Beaver Dam, Wis., 53916, phone: (920) 356-9900, fax: (920) 887-0206, e-mail: info@mepaco.net, Web site: www.mepaco.net
New Laboratory Model
Ross has announced a new laboratory model of its SLIM (solids-liquid-injection-manifold). The SLIM system takes advantage of the strong vacuum force that occurs at the intake area and sucks in powders or liquids for immediate emulsification or dispersion. This new model includes all stainless-steel surfaces and a mirror finish on the interior wetted components. As a result of this clean design the unit is CIP/SIP capable. The entire system is mounted on casters to enable portability and includes a 1 3/4-gallon funnel for powder charging. Complete controls, sanitary connections, a double mechanical seal and seal barrier system are also provided. — Charles Ross and Son Co., P.O. Box 12308, Hauppauge N.Y., 11788, phone: (800) 243-Ross, fax: (631) 234-0691, e-mail: sales@mixers.com, Web site: www.highshearmixers.com
Replacement Parts
Vi-Cas produces Tightening Discs, Gripper Rubbers, Quills, Quill Discs and other contact parts to fit virtually any capping equipment. Long-wearing polyurethane applies consistent torque to eliminate scuffing or burning of caps, though other materials are available to suit virtually any application. Standard designs are available for many types and sizes of equipment used to apply lug or screw caps, shaker tops, fitments, childproof closures, over caps, double snap caps, trigger sprayers, large-size caps and more. Fit-in replacement parts are readily available for chuck or in-line capping equipment including Haskin Strand, National Instruments, Pneumatic Scale, Resina and Swan-matic as well as other equipment used to apply caps to plastic or glass bottles, jars or containers. Vi-Cas can produce any style or design from supplied drawings or reverse-engineer the product from supplied samples.

— Vi-Cas Manufacturing, 8407 Monroe Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, 45236, phone: (513) 791-7741, e-mail: vicas@juno.com, Web site: www.vi-cas.com
Wireless Data Loggers
Dairies seeking to minimize product spoilage and to find easy-to-use tools for USDA and HAACP compliance can obtain Dickson Wireless Data Loggers for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for ultimate flexibility in monitoring technology without any wiring constraints whatsoever. Dickson, which offers a broad range of data loggers and chart recorders available worldwide to museum archivists, provides the same guarantee of accuracy and reliability to the dairy industry that these archivists have come to expect from all Dickson data loggers and chart recorders.

— The Dickson Co., 930 S. Westwood Ave., Addison, Ill., 60101-4917, phone: (800) 757-3747, fax: (800) 676-0498, Web site: www.dicksonweb.com
Extended Route Cold Plate Refrigeration
Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies’ RouteMax™ system allows for extended-route delivery using a cold plate system powered by International Truck and Engine Corp.’s PowerPack 3, a self-contained power supply system built into the vehicle. The initial cost of the truck body, power unit and refrigeration system will be lower than a mechanical blower body and refrigeration. The only operating cost of the RouteMax system is the electrical shore power needed to recharge the cold plates while it is plugged in at night. Because the RouteMax system continually charges the plates throughout the day, it can potentially reduce the number of hours needed for shore power hookup. RouteMax has few moving parts, therefore it requires virtually no maintenance. And, the system will last the life of the truck body. RouteMax functions by using the PowerPack 3 to convert the DC current from the alternator into AC current. Johnson’s Electrical Power Manager (EPM) optimizes the electrical power for the continuous operation of the refrigeration compressor. The compressor can then charge the cold plates while the truck is at idle or while it’s en route to its next stop.

— Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, 215 E. Allen S., Rice Lake, Wis., 54868, phone: (715) 234-7071, fax: (715) 234-4628, Web site: www.johnsontruckbodies.com
Vehicle Mount Computer
DLoG has announced the availability of the rugged DLoG MPC 6 vehicle mount computer. The sophisticated features and rugged construction of DLoG’s fanless, mobile MPC 6 make it an ideal touch-screen PC for indoor and outdoor vehicles, including forklifts and construction machinery, in warehouses and other logistics operations. The MPC 6 includes an up-to 1GHz Intel CPU processor with 1 GB RAM and CompactFlash memory allowing complex applications to be handled with ease. The processor comes with Intel 915 chipsets and is shipped with either Windows XP Professional, XP Embedded or a Linux operating system.

— DLoG Logistics Inc., Main office: 3751 Venture Drive, Suite 200, Duluth, Ga., 30096, phone: (770) 232-4506, fax: (770) 497-0784, e-mail: info@dlog-logistics.com, Web site: www.dlog-logistics.com / sales office: 332 140 Village Road, #148, Westminster, Md., 21157, phone: (410) 840-1982, fax: (410) 840-1983, e-mail: sales@dlog-logistics.com
Crush-Resistant Hose
Now available from NewAge Industries is kink- and crush-resistant Vardex® hose for both pressure and vacuum applications. Made of clear PVC with steel wire reinforcement, Vardex is suitable for either fluid or air transfer. A sampling of applications includes chemical lines, material handling, medical appliance components, cleaning equipment, water feeds and discharge, vacuum lines, shop air supply, conduit, food and beverage supply, and environmental suit air feed, among others. Vardex combines the desirable properties of PVC — resistance to corrosion and abrasion, clarity, rubber-like flexibility, and outstanding flow characteristics — with the strength of steel. — NewAge Industries Inc., 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa., 18966; phone: (215) 526-2300, fax: (215) 526-2190, e-mail: info@newageindustries.com, Web site: www.newageindustries.com/vardex.asp
Centrifugal Pumps
Fristam’s FPR centrifugal pumps save processors time and money with easy maintenance and reduced inventory. Built with a front pull-out seal, FPR pumps are quickly serviced and do not need to be pulled out of line for seal changes. Additionally, no special tools are required for service. The FPR series reduces maintenance inventory. Two seal sizes fit the entire line and FPR pumps have fewer parts, allowing processors to stock fewer maintenance parts. CIPable, it meets the most stringent sanitary standards. An optional stainless steel flange provides improved corrosion resistance.

— Fristam Pumps USA, 2410 Parview Road, Middleton, Wis., 53562, phone: (608) 831-5001, fax: (608) 831-8467, e-mail: fristam@fristampumps.com, Web site: www.fristam.com
Transverse Palletizer
The A+F 313Q Transverse Palletizer is capable of speeds greater than eight layers per minute and features a dual infeed layer-forming system that, in conjunction with four independent layer pushes, overlaps the layer-building cycle times. This configuration offers an uncommonly high degree of format flexibility. With precise servo-driven layer plate, stripping edge and layer centering assemblies, the 313Q delivers the high speed and precision movement necessary on the downstream layer placement functions.

— A+F Automation USA, 1210 Campus Drive West, Morganville, N.J., 07751, phone: (732) 536-8650, fax: (732) 536-8850, e-mail: sales@afautomation.com, Web site: www.afautomation.com
Retaining Apparatus
HTS Systems has introduced a new ergonomic retaining apparatus for securing hand trucks aboard commercial delivery vehicles. The new Hand Truck Sentry System incorporates a cab dash switch to release and quickly access the hand truck. The HTS warning system reduces human error by preventing the driver from leaving without the hand truck, indicates secured attachment before departure, eliminates retrieval and fuel loss, and reduces labor costs. Safety reduces accidents, injury and liability, and route productivity increases labor and fuel savings as it increases company profits.

— HTS Systems Lock N Roll LLC, Hand Truck Transport Solutions, 5 W. Olive Plaza, Scranton, Pa., 18508-2531, phone: (570) 342-2102, fax: (570) 347-3878, Web site: www.handtrucksystems.com
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Equipment
Quality assurance and product uniformity is achieved and maintained via automated and integrated gas analyzing, gas mixing, gas flow control and in-line leak detection equipment available from PBI-Dansensor — enabling packagers and marketers of processed, pre-sliced deli products to achieve their objectives for extending shelf-life freshness, eliminating product handling and reducing their customers’ space requirements and point-of-serve costs. The total quality process utilizes PBI-Dansensor’s in-line gas analyzing, gas mixing and gas flow control systems for 100 percent management of the MAP process. In addition, both in-line LeakMatic™ and stand-alone LeakPointer™ non-destructive package leak detectors provide fast-reacting leak tests of the packaged product. The LeakMatic offers 100 percent in-line package testing, while the LeakPointer offers a compact, moveable, cost-effective system well suited for use in the laboratory or for production sampling.

— PBI-Dansensor America Inc., 139 Harristown Road, Glen Rock, N.J., 07452, phone: (201) 251-6490, Web site: www.pbi-dansensor.us
Automated Vitamin Fortification
SciLog’s VitaPump system provides automatic, high-precision metering of vitamins by weight, and documentation of vitamin usage for QC, compliance and inventory. VitaPump meets vitamin fortification requirements set forth in PMO Appendix “O” of the milk processing industry. Amount of dispensed vitamin and long-term usage rate is displayed, printed and archived on a PC or with a printer that plugs directly into VitaPump. Typical precision and long-term accuracy is better than 0.5 percent. With built-in alarms for pump and batch rate, Vitapump is a continuously self-calibrating system.

— SciLog Inc., 8845 S. Greenview Drive, Suite 4, Middleton, Wis., 53562, phone: (800) 955-1993, fax: (608) 824-0509, e-mail: scilog@scilog.com, Web site: www.scilog.com
High-Speed Shrink Bundler
Operating at speeds up to 75 bundles per minute, the ARPAC 75GI is designed specifically for the printing and publishing industry — shrink wrapping random-size bundles, extremely short stacks and lightweight products on demand, without interrupting production. Designed to interact with today’s 18,000 to 20,000 books-per-hour binding lines, the ARPAC 75GI is perfect for presorted postal route sequencing applications, and the printing and publishing industry’s fastest counter stackers.

— ARPAC Group, 9511 W. River St., Schiller Park, Ill., 60176, phone: (847) 678-9034, fax: (847) 671-7006, Web site: www.arpacgroup.com
Valve Control Module Release
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell’s (WCB) 2-piece valve control module release has an easy screw-on acrylic top, stainless-steel base and upgraded features. Other features of the two-piece module include lift-off design — no disassembly or electrical disconnection required to remove (three set-screws secure module to actuator); up to three solenoids available (extra solenoids can power other nearby valves); accommodates all current switch options — plus the new “Set & Forget” switch that provides up to three 24 VDC outputs, As-I and DeviceNET; no tools required to set and will not vibrate out of position; and seat wear option for single-seat valves. — Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, an SPX Process Equipment Operation, 611 Sugar Creek Road, Delavan, Wis., 53115, phone: (262) 728-1900, fax: (262) 728-4904, Web site: www.spxprocessequipment.com
Degreaser Towels
VR Wipes by PolyConversions are pre-moistened degreaser towels developed for the food processing industry to remove fats, oils and contaminants from impervious protective wear and other food contact surfaces. VR Wipes are designed and formulated to materially reduce the “Bio-Load” accumulation on impervious apparel, gloves, instruments and surfaces when used in a continual plant-wide cleaning program. The wipes contain degreasing surfactants and quaternary ammonia compounds that work together in cleaning animal fats and associated contamination from impervious surfaces, and also meet FDA standards for “no rinse” chemical concentration limitations. The VR Wipe no-rinse formula, which contains no color additives or fragrances, makes cleaning easier and more efficient.

— PolyConversions Inc., 505 Condit Drive, Rantoul, Ill., 61866, phone: (888) 893-3330, Web site: www.polyconversions.com
Automatic Product Inverter
Polypack’s automatic product inverter can be integrated with Polypack’s versatile multi-packing equipment. This system is capable of receiving automatic delivery of products of various sizes and shapes, inverting every other product, and collating them into diverse packaging configurations.

— Polypack Inc., 3301 Gateway Centre Blvd., Pinellas Park, Fla., 33782, phone: (727) 578-5000, fax: (727) 578-1300, e-mail: info@polypack.com, Web site: www.polypack.com
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