Web-based Software
ProcessScope™ from KPS is a Web-based software system that provides a variety of real-time graphing and reporting features designed for process industries with specific enhancements for the needs of dairy, beverage and food processors. The primary purpose of ProcessScope is process event-based data logging, graphing and reporting — events such as CIP cycles, batch production cycles, and tank level and temperature. All graphs and reports are customized to the user’s specific needs.
— Kline Process Systems Inc. (KPS), 625 Spring St., Suite 200, Reading, Pa., 19610-1701, phone: (610) 371-0200, fax: (610) 371-0300, Web site: www.kpsnet.com
Environmental Listeria Plate
3M Microbiology has announced that its 3M™ Petrifilm™ Environmental Listeria (EL) Plate has been validated by the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) for the detection of Listeria on environmental surfaces in food processing plants. The 3M Petrifilm EL Plate, released in April 2004, was developed by the company to meet an industry need — additional information that would allow food manufacturers to more closely monitor environmental Listeria in a timely manner without negatively impacting quality assurance testing budgets. This technological breakthrough is cost-effective, allowing plants to test more than ever before using the same budget. In addition, the 3M Petrifilm EL Plate’s quantitative result provides an indication of the level of Listeria contamination instead of simply identifying presence or absence. This additional information enables plants to identify contamination sources and track hotspots or growth niches over time, so that they could better detect, manage, and prevent Listeria in the environment.
— 3M Microbiology, 3M Center, St. Paul, Minn., 55144-1000, phone: (800) 328-6553, fax: (651) 737-1994, Web site: www.3m.com/microbiology
High-Performance Weighing
Mettler Toledo has introduced its rugged PBA430 platform for high-performance weighing in the toughest washdown environments. This revolutionary platform has been designed specifically for use in the food processing and chemical industries and any other industry where resistance to high humidity, high pressure washdown, and corrosive agents are essential.
— Mettler Toledo, 1900 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio, 43240, phone: (800) 523-51232, e-mail: indinfo@mt.com, Web site: www.mt.com
Automated Material Handling Systems
Cannon Equipment is a leading design, engineering and manufacturing organization with a long history of providing automated material handling systems to match its customers’ requirements. In fact, the company has taken one of its standard palletizer models, redesigned and modified it to match a customer’s specifications to handle large 500-pound barrels of cheese. Cannon Equipment is a strategic partner that focuses on supporting clients’ business objectives to help them achieve sales, efficiency and profitability goals.
— Cannon Equipment, 15100 Business Parkway, Rosemount, Minn., 55068, phone: (651) 322-6300, fax: (651) 322-1583, Web site: www.cannonequipment.com
New Size Additions
Amcor PET Packaging has introduced several new size additions to its stock heat-set polyethylene terephthalate (PET) line. The new sizes are a panel-less, rectangular gallon and single-serve 500-milileter (16.9 ounces), 12- and 10-ounce bottles. The gallon is the first rectangular, stock PET heat-set container in this size to be offered to the U.S. market. It offers several benefits over other commercially available round stock gallon shapes including improved cube efficiency and a pinch-grip feature. The rectangular shape enables a more efficient “cubing” or palletizing of the bottle vs. round gallons. It also provides a wider front facing for greater shelf impact. The pinch-grip feature offers the consumer easier handling and pouring when compared to round alternatives. The smaller 10- and 12-ounce sizes mark the development of a new, lighter weight, patented five-panel design which offers an alternative to traditional six-panel stock bottles. Rounding out the line is a new 500-milileter bottle which has been launched as a response to requests from functional water customers for a stock bottle in this size. Ideal applications for the new sizes include juices, isotonics, teas, functional waters and other beverages which require hot-filling and a differentiated market presence.
— Amcor PET Packaging, 935 Technology Drive, Suite 100, Ann Arbor, Mich., 48108-8919, phone: (734) 302-2272, fax: (734) 302-2810, Web site: www.amcor.com
Shipping Solution
TCP Reliable engineers have developed a solution for shipping temperature sensitive products without the need for expensive and time consuming testing. The TimeSaver 48 is a pre-qualified shipping container conforming to ISTA 7D Summer and Winter Weather shipping conditions using the same packout configuration. It is reusable and is designed to maintain the critical 2-8 temperature range for up to 48 hours. Each shipper has an inner box to house and protect the payload. The payload size capacity is 9x67x 7 inches or .25 cubic feet with a weight capacity of .18 to 4.26 pounds. The overall dimension of the TimeSaver 48 is 16x16x19 inches. A certificate of qualification is also included along with easy to read packout and conditioning instructions. The TimeSaver series of shippers includes 24 hour and 72 hour versions.
— TCP Reliable, 551 Raritan Center Parkway, Edison, N.J., 08837, (732) 346-9200, fax: (732) 346-0295, e-mail: sales@tcpreliable.com, Web site: www.tcpreliable.com
High-Speed Shrink Bundler
ARPAC is showcasing its high-speed servo-driven ARPAC 75GI shrink bundler at Pack Expo booth S-2241. Operating at speeds up to 75 bundles per minute, the ARPAC 75GI is designed specifically for the printing and publishing industry — shrink wrapping random-size bundles, extremely short stacks and lightweight products on demand, without interrupting production. Designed to interact with today’s 18,000 to 20,000 books-per-hour binding lines, the ARPAC 75GI is perfect for presorted postal route sequencing applications, and the printing and publishing industry’s fastest counter stackers.
— ARPAC Group, 9511 W. River St., Schiller Park, Ill., 60176, phone: (847) 678-9034, fax: (847) 671-7006, Web site: www.arpacgroup.com
Label Technology
Schober will unveil its STP (Smart Tag and Ticket Processor) at Pack Expo booth E-6011 in October. This unique machine incorporates Schober’s 2nd Generation RFID technology with the ability to read HF, UHF and EPC GEN 2 tags. The STP product line is ideally suited for contactless readable tickets for public transportation, entrance/access authorization, security identification, as well as airport baggage tracking tags, pallet and case tracking, asset and supply chain management, and more. New features on this version RFID from Schober include a redesigned tag dispenser with web tensioning, strategically placed start/stop buttons, and greater information gathering capabilities. An optional static discharge protection package rounds out the new features.
— Schober USA, 11237 Grooms Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242, phone: (513) 489-7393, e-mail: solutions@schoberusa.com, Web site: www.schoberusa.com
New Data Acquisition Product
Eurotherm has launched a new data acquisition product that allows users to view and archive data remotely from different operator displays around the plant. The 6000XIO Distributed Graphic Recorder builds on the company’s 30 years of experience in data acquisition and has a wide range of process uses including 21CFR Part II applications, furnaces, NADCAP, water and wastewater treatment, power generation, sterilizers and autoclaves. Using the 6000XIO, processes can be viewed at numerous locations with similar or custom displays. Far more than just a simple operator display without intelligence, each 6000XIO has an intuitive, touch screen display to enable users to clearly view process data in varying formats. All have onboard Flash data storage capability, Ethernet communication and Compact Flash Card. Data is stored in a tamper-resistant binary format that can be used for secure, long-term process records. Designed for today’s networked world, the 6000XIO can be accessed via a Local Area Network, dial-up connection, Intranet or Internet.
— Eurotherm USA, 741-F Miller Drive, Leesburg, Va., 20175-8993, phone: (703) 443-0000, fax: (703) 669-1300, e-mail: info@eurotherm.com, Web site: www.eurotherm.com
High-Speed Robotics
KUKA Robotics has introduced its KUKA KR10 SCARA robot family, designed for customers needing highly reliable and precise automation solutions of long reach tasks. The new 4-axis robots when combined with KUKA Robotics’ user friendly PC-based control platform gives customers an extremely easy to learn and use pick and place automation solution. The new robots broaden the KUKA product line to include compact space-saving robots that are among the fastest and most reliable robots in their class. The KUKA KR10 SCARA robot family includes 600mm and 850mm reach models and are capable of handling payloads up to 10kg. The robots’ highly accurate link and gear combinations and optimized control loops in the kinematic chain give the robots unrivalled repeatability.
— KUKA Robotics Corp., 22500 Key Drive, Clinton Township, Mich., 48036, phone: (866) 873-5852, Web site: www.kukarobotics.com
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