Creators Briefs

Salt Substitute
Responding to a demand from food technologists and processors, as well as an outcry from consumers and health professionals for reduced-sodium products without sacrificing taste, Wixon Inc. has introduced a new salt substitute called KCLean Salt that the company says is unlike any other salt substitute in the U.S. market. What makes KCLean Salt so different is that it cuts the sodium content of regular table salt in half while matching salt’s taste, texture, functionality and mouthfeel. KCLean Salt is a unique combination of potassium chloride and sodium chloride, but what makes it stand alone from other potassium-based salt substitutes, is its natural, proprietary flavor blend from Wixon’s line of Mag-nfique Flavor Technologies. That special blend eliminates the typical metallic flavor or aftertaste usually associated with potassium chloride and gives KCLean Salt its distinctive table-salt flavor. KCLean Salt does not break down or alter its flavor in cooking, freezing or shelf-life applications.
— Wixon Inc., (800) 841-5304,
Mild Yogurt
The new Chr. Hansen cultures provide the possibility to naturally decrease the use of fat and sugar in yogurts through strains unique for their low post acidification giving a mild yogurt product. Further, some of the new cultures contain well-known, documented probiotic strains. The 20 percent higher texture makes it possible to develop lowfat or no-fat products and still maintain creaminess and smoothness. The cultures thus meet the global manufacturer and consumer demand that appearance, texture and taste in lowfat yogurt may not be different from full-fat yogurt.
— Chr. Hansen, (414) 607-5894, www.
Organic Vanilla
Danisco, a global leader in sustainable and organic vanilla, introduces a full line of Fair Trade Certified™ Vanilla products. This launch is in conjunction with TransFair USA, the only independent, third-party certifier of Fair Trade Certified products in the United States. Danisco is able to offer Fair Trade Certified conventional and organic vanilla while still providing its customers with a competitive price. Companies need a reliable source of Fair Trade organic Vanilla that can supply the right quality and quantity for expanding product lines and increased sales.
— Danisco USA Inc., (913) 764-8100,
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