Japanese Yogurt

Meito Fruit Yogurt
Kyodo Nyugyo has launched Meito Fruit Yogurt Rin Pineapple (cold pineapple), which contains large chunks of fruit along with fruit juice. This yogurt is said to be smooth with a rich pineapple flavor and a milkfat content of 1 percent. With a refrigerated shelf life of 15 days, each 140 gram cup sells for 140 JPY (about $1.20).
Takanashi Parfait Yogurt
This fruit yogurt from Takanashi Milk Products contains cubed mango with a whipped cream topping, added using a “unique technology.” The product is reported to have a two-week refrigerated shelf life. With a 5.5 percent milkfat content, the yogurt comes in aluminum-lidded, 150 milliliter plastic cups that sell for 178 JPY (about $1.50) each.
Morinaga Kakugiri Mango
Another mango offering comes from Morinaga Milk Industry in a 130 gram paper cup. With a target market of people in their 20s and 30s along with housewives, this yogurt contains two types of mango – one sharp and one mellow. With a 17-day refrigerated shelf life, the limited-edition product retails for 130 JPY (about $1.12).
Ohayo Uma Mi ga Chigau
Its name translates as “tasty fruit with a difference.” This yogurt contains large chunks of melon that reportedly is processed with a unique treatment to minimize heat damage. Ohayo Dairy Products offers this 1.5 percent milkfat yogurt in a 125 gram cup with a 15-day shelf life. Price varies by market.
Chichiyasu Pure Rich Yogurt
New to this line from Chichiyasu Dairy is a creamy, 2 percent milkfat yogurt containing a rich kiwi fruit sauce. Each 110 gram cup retails for 110 JPY (about 95 cents) and has a 15-day shelf life. It’s also available in a three-pack of 80 gram cups for 210 JPY (about $1.80).
Chichiyasu Asa ni Casai Lettuce & Pine
This is a fiber-fortified “fruit and vegetable yogurt for the morning” from Chichiyasu Nyugyo. One 100 gram cup of this lettuce and pineapple flavored yogurt is said to contain as much fiber as nearly a half head of lettuce. With 1.2 percent milkfat and a 15-day shelf life, the yogurt is sold for 115 JPY (about 99 cents) per single 100 gram cup or 210 JPY (about $1.80) for a three-pack of 80 gram cups.
Lotte Ice de Yogurt
Lotte Reika delivers this “lactic ice” that contains 10 percent yogurt with live bacteria and finely crushed ice. The formulation reportedly gives this ice the “unique flavor of yogurt” and a “clean and refreshing acidity.” Each 140 milliliter soft pouch has a screw cap and internal straw, and sells for 150 JPY (about $1.29).
SOURCE: Productscan Online
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