Shout It From The Mountaintop
James Dudlicek
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I know I’m not the only one out here getting regular missives from Dr. Greg Miller, DMI’s executive VP for science and innovation, heralding the latest news of milk’s awesome power in the wellness arena. Added all up, it makes you wonder why everyone you pass on the street isn’t guzzling a single-serve.
The latest: an American Academy of Pediatrics report recommending that lactose-intolerant children consume moderate amounts of dairy to ensure sufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D. It’s a great follow-up to the dismissal of PCRM’s lawsuit demanding lactose-intolerance warning labels on milk.
Other recent news: Consumption of lowfat dairy products is associated with reduced risk of type II diabetes. New research published by the American Heart Association suggests eating dairy products can lower blood pressure. Low dairy intake in preschool years may mean greater gains in body fat during childhood. New research debunks a Harvard study claiming high dairy intake can lead to prostate cancer. A relationship may exist between higher calcium intake and lower body mass index in adolescents. Colorectal cancer risk is inversely associated with the consumption of calcium and dairy foods. A World Health Organization study says four glasses of milk a day can reduce serious risks to pregnant women, and that milk drinkers have lower risks of pre-term delivery and neonatal deaths.
As if all this wasn’t bad enough for PETA, PCRM and other dairy naysayers, other studies suggest soy may hinder calcium absorption, and that excessive amounts of soy may lead to thyroid problems.
A mountain of pro-dairy research stands before the public, and generic industry campaigns are doing their best to help consumers reach the summit. But perhaps branded processors need to be doing more in their markets to trumpet the benefits of nature’s most perfect food.
I’d like to express my thanks to IDFA’s Tom Nagle and DMI’s Rick Naczi for their presentation at Stagnito’s New Products Conference earlier this month. Before an audience of marketing and new product gurus from across the entire food and beverage industry, Tom and Rick showcased dairy’s efforts to break free of the persistent commodity mindset and launch branded products that seize upon dominant trends like wellness and convenience.
And while they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, some fresh packaging couldn’t hurt. To learn more about adding power to your brand through packaging, consider attending Packaging That Sells. This annual conference, sponsored by Stagnito’s BrandPackaging magazine, is co-located with Pack Expo in Chicago this year. Learn more at  
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