Asian Ice Cream

Haitai Ice Cream
South Korea
Haitai Confectionery & Foods Co. Ltd. Has introduced this ice cream made with walnut pieces and flavored with caramel. Presented in a 700 milliliter cardboard tub, it’s priced at 4400 KRW (about $4.70).
Kanebo Strawberry Cookie Sandwich
This frozen novelty consists of a cookie sandwich filled with strawberry ice cream and a strawberry puree sherbet at the center. A product of Kanebo Foods, the cookies are made with strawberry juice. Single units are prices at 130 JPY (about $1.15).
Selecta Smooth & Creamy Ice Cream
Choco Marble is the newest flavor to be launched as part of the Selected Smooth & Creamy product line manufactured by Unilever Philippines Inc. The ice cream is packaged in a 1.9 liter tub at a retail price of 205 PHP (about $3.90).
Morinaga Eskimo Chocolat Boutique Ice Cream
The almond variety of this line from Morinaga Milk Co. contains 100 percent cocoa from South Africa and Ghana, plus crushed, chocolate-coated almonds. Each 83 milliliter plastic cup comes in a paper sleeve and retails for 160 JPY (about $1.40).
Akagi Ice Milk Bar
Manufactured by Akagi Nyugyo, the Strawberry Cheesecake bar is a seasonal blend of cream cheese and strawberries, with a center of strawberries mixed with confectionery. The bar is coated in white chocolate; its fruit juice and pulp content is 5 percent.
Meiji Chez Daigo Ice Cream
This new brand, from a leader in the Japanese yogurt market, contains live lactic acid bacteria that were selected to deliver a mellow and smooth mouthfeel with good aftertaste. “Daigo” means whey, but also is part of the word “daigomi,” which means a sweet taste or a zest for life. This blueberry variety is one of three flavors offered in the line, which comes in 100 milliliter cups.
SOURCE: Productscan Online
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