Creators Briefs

Swirl into Something Tasty
Kerry Americas showcases its expanded flavor layering capabilities with the Macadamia Macaroon Swirl ice cream flavor concept. It features coconut-flavored ice cream with texture-enhancing stabilizers, macaroon mini cookie inclusions, macadamia nuts and a rich, cookie dough batter variegate. The chewy baked cookie minis featured in the Macadamia Macaroon Swirl concept provide comfort-food flavors and rich, tasty textures. 
— Kerry Sweet Ingredients,
(800) 255-6312,

Fighting Obesity
Orafti’s new study has demonstrated that Beneo™ oligofructose, a prebiotic ingredient from the chicory root, can act as a trigger limiting hunger feeling and energy intake. Research in animal models previously found that metabolites originating from the fermentation of Beneo oligofructose in the colon are likely to be involved in the mechanism. Oligofructose fermentation modulates the release of gut hormones in the blood which act as signaling agents to the brain influencing appetite and ultimately food intake. Beneo P95 and Synergy1 have been shown to modulate food intake and body weight in animal models. These effects were accompanied by a lower body fat mass and a lower deposition of fat coming from high-fat diets that otherwise would have led to obesity.
— Orafti,
(610) 889-9828,

Have a Fiesta
With Fiesta! Tres Leches™ liquid mixture, it’s easy to create profitable tres leches desserts. Elgin Dairy Foods’ Fiesta! Tres Leches is an authentic mixture with unique Hispanic flair that’s made with real dairy ingredients — Grade A milk, cream and sweetened condensed milk. Fiesta! Tres Leches Original, Chocolate or Cappuccino flavors are conveniently packaged, ready-to-use and can be stored for one year frozen, 14 days refrigerated or three days as a finished dessert.
— Elgin Dairy,
(800) 786-9900,  
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