Mini Brass-ball Valves
Dwyer has released its Series MV Mini Brass Ball Valves. These neatly contained valves are well suited for pneumatic, domestic and hydraulic installations, where confined spaces may limit the use of larger valves. The chrome and nickel-plated brass ball and body ensure years of reliable, worry-free operation at an economical price. With a maximum temperature up to 250 degrees F, and pressures up to 450 psi, the Series MV can be used in most gas and liquid applications, including hot water, gasoline, fuel, oils, gas-oil, kerosene, acids and compressed air. — Dwyer Instruments Inc., P.O., Box 373, Michigan City, Ind., 46361, phone: (219) 879-8000, fax: (219) 872-9057, e-mail:, Web site:
Insulated Pallet Covers
Polar Tech’s Thermo Chill™ Insulated Pallet Covers include the following features: heavy and medium duty, reusable, available in standard size 40x48x48 and short size 40x48x33 (also available as adjustable model from 48 to 72 inches high), hook-and-loop closure, easy to use, tough, moisture repellant, light grey vinyl-coated nylon or red or teal 600 denier (both provide years of use), custom imprinting and sizes made to order. — Polar Tech Industries Inc., 415 E. Railroad Ave., Genoa, Ill., 60135, phone: (815) 784-9000, fax: (815) 784-9009, e-mail:, Web site:
Business Intelligence Tools
CSB-System International has developed a fully integrated suite of Business Intelligence (BI) tools to complement the already powerful CSB-System Product Suite. The new functionality, Powertools, allows users to gain a better understanding of their business drivers, enabling more effective management of operations. Powertools unlocks the date from all applications, both business and operational, delivering it to the end user in a variety of formulas, including reports, dashboards and external documents such as Excel or OpenOffice. The aim of Powertools is to provide a unified and comprehensive decision-making support structure for management. — CSB-System International Inc., 2535 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 350, San Diego, Calif., 92108, phone: (619) 640-0436, fax: (619) 640-0476, Web site:
Shrink-Wrapping Solutions
PMI manufactures a complete line of innovative tray shrink-wrapping equipment offering small-footprint, low-speed units up to high-speed, continuous-motion systems. Whether a project requires clear film or print-registered material, PMI has the shrink-wrapping solution. — Packaging Machines International Inc., 1260 Lunt Ave., Elk Grove Village, Ill., 60007, phone: (847) 640-8451, fax: (847) 649-8732, e-mail:, Web site:
Vacuum Unit
Fill the void between the larger industrial vacuum systems and the smaller shop vacuum units with the Eliminator series by Nilfisk Advance America. Introduced by Nelson-Jameson, these vacuums possess the same Nilfisk quality and HEPA filtration customers come to expect, but for the fraction of the cost. Both the Eliminator I and Eliminator II are safe and effective in the cleanup of dust and debris. The Eliminator I is ideal for dry cleaning, while the Eliminator II can be used for either wet or dry cleaning. — Nelson-Jameson Inc., 2400 E. Fifth St., P.O. Box 647, Marshfield, Wis., 54449, phone: (715) 387-1151, fax: (715) 387-8746, Web site:
Frozen Dessert Package
Huhtamaki has developed a new food service package for bulk frozen desserts to be used in dip stores, restaurants and institutional venues. The Bulkan EX™ paperboard container is a premier packaging solution for frozen dessert processors who utilize a bulk packaging system. This 3-gallon package is designed for production lines that require products to go through screening processes including metal detection. The Bulkan EX package is made of paperboard and uses a plastic rim at the top to ensure a tight seal with the lid. Formed on a newly developed Huhtamaki packaging system machine, the bottom disks, sidewalls and lids are printed and supplied by the company. Components for the straight-sided round canister are sent to the producer, ready to be formed and filled on the production line. — Huhtamaki Americas, Consumer Goods Division, 9201 Packaging Drive, De Soto, Kan., 66018, phone: (913) 583-3025, fax: (913) 583-8781, Web site:
Thin-Wall Stainless Cylinder
Bimetalix offers its Thin Wall Stainless SSHE Cylinder for food manufacturers requiring smaller wall thickness for improved heat transfer without a drop in internal pressure rating. The Bimetalix Thin Wall Stainless SSHE Cylinder uses a unique grade of high-strength stainless that allows cylinders to be machined to a smaller wall thickness without any decline in internal pressure. Thinner walls also allow for better heat transfer. Corrosion resistance and low coefficient of thermal heat transfer are improved versus 316 stainless steel. Hardness of the ID is still low, which limits the need for wiper blades to only composite materials. If higher hardness is required, these cylinders can be hard chrome plated. — Bimetalix, W2355 Highway 18, Sullivan, Wis., 53178, phone: (262) 593-8066, fax: (262) 593-8067, e-mail:, Web site:
InnovativeLabeling System
Daydots has launched its new Duo-Dots labeling system. Currently patent-pending, Duo-Dots are the first labels of their kind to indicate both “first day” and “last day” of use for products on one label using dual color-coded designations. This innovative labeling system takes the guesswork out of food rotation. The new Duo-Dot labels make it simple for employees to ensure the freshness of food being served. The system eliminates the need for wall charts or other reminders by providing foodservice professionals with all the information they need to maintain proper rotation and food quality. The labels are available for three-, five- and seven-day rotation periods, and are color-coded to correspond to each day of the week. — Daydots, 1801 Riverbend West Drive, Fort Worth, Texas, 76118, phone: (800) 321-3687, fax: (800) 458-7002, e-mail:, Web site:
User-Friendly Decision Tools
BeyondVia has introduced Think Decision™ Centers, a revolutionary approach to capturing company and supply chain value. Think Decision Centers economically summarize massive amounts of sales, product, operational, financial and supply chain data and present it in easy-to-use decision tools that direct best action by managers. The Think Decision Center has two major components that are critical for success. First, all data is immediately summarized and electronically displayed using comparative graphics (Think Decision™ Tools) that indicate the need for decision and action. Second, all actions and their impacts are recorded and reported via a Think Process™ Opportunity Stewardship approach, which expertly balances decisions and actions. — BeyondVia LLC, 2400 Old Milton Parkway, P.O. Box 1349, Alpharetta, Ga., 30009-1349, phone: (678) 514-3026, Web site:
Lift Trucks
Hyster Co. has added the sit-down, counterbalanced IC, solid pneumatic tire Fortis H40-70FT to its line of Fortis lift trucks. With capacities ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 pounds, this new series of lift trucks reduces operating costs by matching the right engine with the proper transmission for specific application needs. Multi-tiered engine-transmission configurations create efficient powertrains, which offer greater fuel efficiencies and best-in-class productivity. The redesigned hydraulic system offers simplified hydraulic componentry and routing away from heat sources such as the engine, which reduces the number of potential leak points. The electrical systems also have been upgraded for improved reliability. — Hyster Co., 1400 Sullivan Drive, Greenville, N.C. , 27834, phone: (800) 497-8371, Web site:
New Case-Erecting Technology
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. has introduced a new case-erecting technology that allows packagers to print logos, batch codes, product identification or other important data on their cases, in-line, during high-speed case forming and sealing. The new erector/printer offers complete flexibility as information and graphics are applied to the case body or the flaps as cases travel from the magazine to the forming station. Once erected, the graphics may appear on multiple panels of the case including the top, side, corner or end. Cases are automatically printed on two sides (side and end) using one print head or all four sides (both sides and ends) using two print heads. — A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla. 34689, phone: (800) 273-5975, Web site:
Cost-Effective Ink Alternative
Diagraph has added ITW Inks to its range of product offerings. Formulated for use in Marsh Ink Jet Printers, ITW Inks provide a cost-effective ink alternative. For selecting the appropriate ITW Ink, Diagraph offers an ITW Inks Reference Guide for Marsh Printers, which provides a cross-reference tool for identifying the ITW Ink part number for the Marsh equivalent. Offered are water-based inks and cleaners, alcohol-based inks and cleaners, solvent-based inks and cleaners, MEK inks and cleaner, high-resolution ink, ink cartridges and cleaners. ITW Inks can be used with the following Marsh equipment: Dli, ML8, ML4, Patrion Plus, Marsh Encore and Unicorn ink jet printers. — Diagraph, An ITW Company, 1 Missouri Research Park Drive, St. Charles, Mo., 63304-5685, phone: (800) 526-2531, Web site:
Inkjet Printer
Imaje 9000 printers offer ergonomics, intuitive user interface, easy accessory connections, simple consumables access and replacement and the new “i” key, which provides onscreen help text at the touch of a button. Imaje 9000 printers easily are integrated into any production line configuration, and are simply installed. The printers start up quickly, continue printing during cartridge change and adjust their parameters automatically in response to their environment. — Imaje USA, 1650 Airport Road, Kennesaw, Ga., 30144, phone: (770) 421-7700, Web site: www.
Stainless-Steel Conveyor
FKI Logistex has launched its new Stainless-Steel Conveyor. With side frames built in 304 polished stainless steel and all fabricated parts available in stainless steel, the conveyor can be wet-cleaned after production runs. Its corrosion-resistant construction reduces wear and tear and extends conveyor component life. FKI Logistex Stainless-Steel Conveyor expands on the FKI Logistex Accumat rollerless conveying system, offering styles for zero-pressure accumulation, transportation, incline, decline and metering. Like Accumat, the conveyor uses a modular plastic-belt conveying surface, eliminating the need for rollers and providing a continuous surface for product conveying. The Stainless-Steel Conveyor operates at speeds up to 300 feet per minute, has a live load weight capacity of 70 pounds per foot, and can convey a variety of items from shrink-wrapped packages to corrugated boxes. — FKI Logistex, 9301 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, Mo., 63132, phone: (877) 935-4564, Web site:
Gable-Top Packaging
Evergreen Packaging Equipment offers a new “Slim” gable-top carton and packaging machine. Based on the proven EH-3 half-gallon platform, the EH-3S fills new, smaller cross-section cartons (3.45 inch by 3.45 inch). This machine includes the same ELL features and produces a pyramid bottom for stable retail shelf placement. Evergreen also now offers BFCG-32/16, an economical solution to gravity-fill bottling needs. The fully CIPable machine fills 8-, 16- and 32-ounce bottles at speeds up to 400 bottles per minute and includes an integrated screw capper. The machine’s features are specifically designed to allow for maximum product shelf life along with superior in-plant performance. — Evergreen Packaging Equipment, 2400 Sixth St. S.W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa,  52406, phone: (319) 399-3200, Web site:
Double Curve Conveyors
SpanTech has introduced its CU-Series Double Curve Conveyor as part of its WhisperTrax™ Modular Flexible Conveyor line. The conveyor has two curves in the same direction allowing users to adapt the conveyor to an unlimited variety of designs requiring a U-shape path. The conveyor allows variation in the angle of the curves and in the length of the three straight sections, between the curves and from each curve to the end of the conveyor. The dual curving nature of the conveyor allows customers to accomplish multiple curves with one conveyor. The CU-Series Double Curve Conveyor is available in both epoxy powder-coated paint and stainless steel. — SpanTech LLC, 1115 Cleveland Ave., Glasgow, Ky., 42141, phone: (270) 651-9166, fax: (270) 651-3929, Web site:
Weight Transmitter
Using industry-standard connectivity, Mettler Toledo’s new IND130 weight transmitter converts analog strain-gauge load cell signals into a digital signal suitable for PC and PLC applications. Featuring CalFREE, an advanced test-weight-free calibration algorithm, the IND130 provides a streamline approach to integrating weighing into process control applications. The company has also announced that its in-motion checkweighing controllers and conveyor scales have been certified by NTEP to comply with the newly released Automatic Weighing Systems Code of Handbook 44. This allows for their use in legal-for-trade weighing applications commonly found in many industries such as dairy and meat processing. Using an NTEP certified system supports quality control of net quantity of contents regulations. — Mettler-Toledo Inc., 1900 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio, 43240, phone: (614) 438-4936, fax: (614) 985-8171, Web site:
Level Transmitter
Walchem’s WLSX level transmitter allows continuous non-contact ultrasonic level measurement in liquid storage tanks up to 35 feet, and is ideally suited for challenging corrosive, coating, or waste liquids. The compact, corrosion proof package is completely sealed and stands only 3 inches above the top of the tank. The sensors are two wire transmitters that are UL, CSA and CE approved. The WLSX can be installed and calibrated in minutes utilizing the calibration wire and a flashing LED that provides calibration feedback. — Walchem Corp., 5 Boynton Road, Holliston, Mass., 01746, phone: (508) 429-1110, e-mail:, Web site:
Bag Inserter/Case Liner
O/K International’s new Superliner 320 makes a bag from a roll of continuous gusseted polyethylene tubing, inserts the bag into a shipping container, opens the bad and cuffs it over the edges. Benefits of the new Superliner 320 include increased production efficiency and flexibility, optimal case range at minimal floor space and machine height, roll changes in seconds, clean and durable, preferred in food industries and harsh environments, and reduces inventory and increases flexibility. — O/K International Corp., 73 Bartlett St., Marlborough, Mass., 01752, phone: (508) 303-8286, fax: (508) 303-8207, Web site:
Packaging Machine Technology
Bosch Rexroth GenNext™ technology makes packaging machinery more reliable, more productive, easier to use, easier to connect and more cost-effective to operate. More than just a collection of products, GenNext is a comprehensive approach to providing maximum productivity and flexibility even in the most difficult applications. With GenNext, open networks provide choices in best-of-class components that are interoperable across manufacturers. While Gen 3 previously allowed faster changeovers, reduced waste and higher machine speeds, GenNext adds unparalleled intelligence, connectivity and safety. GenNext uses integrated network technology that allows information to flow from a pneumatic valve to the office network with advanced diagnostics at the device, drive and controller level. GenNext intelligent devices evaluate themselves as well as the mechanics to which they are connected and determine if component failure is imminent. GenNext includes durable, hygienically designed and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel products and IP69K-rated pneumatic valves to eliminate production stops from equipment failure. — Bosch Rexroth Corp., 5150 Prairie Stone Parkway, Hoffman Estates, Ill., 60192, phone: (847) 645-3774, fax: (847) 645-6201, Web site:
Shrink Bundler
The Arpac Group’s versatile Arpac 108F stainless-steel shrink bundler is built to dairy standards. The compact, single-frame bundler has a right-angle infeed for the simple collation of a variety of product sizes and configurations. The Arpac 108F features an on-demand-powered film feed systems, product hold-down and Nema 4X electrical panels/controls. Double-driven film cradles or spindle film rack ensure quick film-roll changeovers. — Arpac Group, 9511 W. River St., Schiller Park, Ill., 60176, phone: (847) 678-9034, fax: (847) 671-7006, Web site:
High-Capacity Aseptic Bags
CDF’s High-Capacity Aseptic Barrier Bags provide outstanding performance in critical food applications such as high- and low-acid products, tomato juice and any other food product requiring aseptic packaging. The high-capacity aseptic bags can accommodate 1-, 2- and 3-inch fillers with capacities up to 330-gallon intermediate bulk size. Using specialized barrier films, high-capacity aseptic bags lock out light and oxygen to greatly extend shelf life. The bags accommodate high-speed fills and their unique design minimizes handling. A variety of films can be used, including CDF’s high-performance Barria™, a three-layer lamination, metallized polyester. Barria has an excellent oxygen and moisture barrier, long shelf life, great durability and high bond strength. Customer designs are available. — CDF Corp., 77 Industrial Park Road, Plymouth, Mass., 02360, phone: (800) 443-1920, Web site:  m
Coding System
Videojet’s Focus S60 laser coding system delivers permanent quality codes on a variety of materials such as paperboard packaging, plastics, glass, labels, claycoat and secondary packaging. The Focus S60 provides high-quality print resolution for nearly 100 percent verification system read rates. Using CO2 laser technology allows the Focus S60 to provide clean, low maintenance operation and eliminate consumable fluids and parts associated with other printing technologies. To meet the needs of nearly any coding requirement, this flexible system can print mixed fonts, logos, special characters, RSS/Composite bar codes and 2-D symbols. — Videojet Technologies Inc., 1500 Mittel Blvd., Wood Dale, Ill., 60191-1073, phone: (800) 843-3610, Web site:
New Machines
Greydon has introduced two new machines: Label Jet, an affordable programmable, high-resolution coder for pressure-sensitive label applicators; and the GTBD, a taped bag printer/dispenser to speed up the hand-bagging of odd-shaped meat, cheese and other products. The company’s printers/coders are deigned to retrofit on form/fill/seal machines for food, pharmaceutical and medical device applications, and use a variety of printing technologies. — Greydon Inc., 391 Greendale Road, York, Pa., 17403, phone: (717) 848-3875, fax: (717) 843-6435, e-mail:, Web site:
Low-Height Container
Linpac Materials Handling provides the Ropak 3A Series of reusable containers featuring a 32-by-30-inch footprint, and is now available in a new 18-inch height. All containers in the 3A Series offer load capacities of up to 2,000 pounds. Designed with fixed sidewalls, the Ropak 3A18’s low height makes it ideal for warehousing, distribution and transport of small, dense parts in a variety of applications. The 3A18 holds 5.4 cubic feet of volume, and weights 50 pounds. — Linpac Materials Handling, 120 Commerce Court, Georgetown, Ky., 40324, phone: (502) 863-5500, Web site: www.  
The Aluminum Advantage
Air-cooling evaporators used in ammonia systems have traditionally been made using galvanized (zinc- coated) carbon steel. There are other metals compatible with ammonia including stainless steel and aluminum. Designers and installers of industrial ammonia evaporators for low-temperature applications must be concerned with the weight, performance and reliability of the equipment being specified. Additionally, there may be requirements for corrosion resistance, cleanability and defrosting characteristics which need to be considered. Ammonia and aluminum are very compatible and have been used in ammonia heat exchangers for several decades. The properties of aluminum make it an ideal metal to use in ammonia refrigeration applications. The density of the metal directly affects the weight of the heat exchanger, and when multiplied by the specific heat capacity, the product indicates the amount of energy required to heat up and cool down the heat exchanger during a defrost cycle. The thermal conductivity of the metal affects the thermal performance of the heat exchanger and the speed and effectiveness of defrost. Since 1984, Colmac has successfully manufactured all-aluminum evaporators for ammonia refrigeration systems. Only the best quality, heavy-wall, seamless drawn, 3003 alloy aluminum tubing is used — 100 percent of this tubing is eddy-current tested at the Colmac factory prior to assembly into evaporators, insuring zero defects. All tube joints are carefully joined by a special TIG welding process, then pressure tested at 500 psig to insure absolutely no leaks. The result of this rigorous quality manufacturing program is zero leaks in any tube or welded joint on start-up on any Colmac all-aluminum ammonia evaporator. — Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc., P.O. Box 571, Colville, Wash., 99114-0571, phone: (800) 845-6778 or (509) 684-2595, fax: (509) 684-8331, e-mail:, Web site:
Industrial Pails
IPL has introduced its Shure-Lock line of industrial pails — a unique, user-friendly solution for packaging, protecting and displaying a wide variety of industrial products. The IPL innovative new Shure-Lock industrial pails are easy to open, close, hot fill, handle and ship. An ideal packaging solution for a wide range of products, the leak-proof containers seal without the use of gaskets. Shure-Lock industrial pail lids are much easier to open than gasket lids and require no opening tools. Lids reseal perfectly even when inverted. IPL Shure-Lock pails are made with polypropylene, therefore exhibiting great top load strength, especially in hot fill applications. The pails are designed with interlocking rings that help to create a very stable pallet. Also, the Shure-Lock line large pail rim facilitates easy lifting and handling. To ensure maximum protection of contents, these industrial pails feature the Shure-Lock Tamper Evident system, which provides maximum protection throughout all the challenges of distribution and retail environments. Shure-Lock containers feature IPL’s unique In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology, which allows images to be designed into a label, creating a striking, high-quality graphic look that commands attention and distinguishes brands. The containers also feature the Shure-Lock food safety system, a reliable and efficient tamper-evident system that protects the integrity and freshness of the contents and reduces operation costs. Shure-Lock rectangular, square and round lines are available in a range of sizes, are food-approved, and meet HACCP, FDA-USA and HPB regulations. — IPL Packaging, 140 Commerciale, Saint-Damien, Quebec, Canada, G0R 2Y0, phone: (800) 463-4755 (U.S.) or (800) 463-7083 (Canada), fax : (418) 789-3153, e-mail:, Web site:
Dairy Separators
Westfalia’s newly developed series of HyVOL separators and clarifiers offer a unique sealing technology that is 100 percent wear-free and requires no water for operation. The exclusive Westfalia hydrohermetic seal uses the milk itself as a seal, providing new levels of economy, efficiency and long-life operation. In addition to the exclusive hydrohermetic seal, the company’s separators/clarifiers offer other money saving benefits such as high-capacity designs, excellent separation efficiency, USDA-accepted solids discharge and low energy requirements. — Westfalia Separator Inc., 100 Fairway Court, Northvale, N.J., 07647, phone: (201) 767-3900, fax: (201) 784-4331, Web site:
Vehicle Tracking System
Sky-Trax Inc.’s new Vehicle Tracking and Management System (VTMS) monitors the movement of lift trucks and other process vehicles. VTMS works indoors pinpointing vehicle locations in real-time and creating a map showing all vehicle locations within the facility. In addition to the graphical display, VTMS stores vehicle tracking data for fleet management purposes. Managers can access VTMS graphics and tracking data via local area network or secure Internet, allowing remote operations monitoring and management. — Sky-Trax Inc., 245 Quigley Blvd., Suite I, New Castle, Del., 19720, phone: (866) 927-4927, Web site:
Spray-Cooling Tower
Palsgaard has increased the production capacity of its integrated blends. The new production lines entail state-of-the-art spray-cooling facilities. The design of the company’s spray-cooling tower ensures an improved physical stability of the final emulsifier powders. Due to the fact that both the particle size and shape are especially uniform, the dairy and ice cream industries will experience an easy-to-handle, free-flowing, integrated product. Palsgaard’s new spray-cooling facilities enable the company to product integrated blends with the highest level of unsaturated monoglycerides. The new integrated blends fulfill requirements to enhance creaminess and melting resistance in the final ice cream product. — Palsgaard, 4579 Laclede Ave. No. 264, St. Louis, Mo., 63108, phone: (877) 268-4010, e-mail:, Web site:
Tangential/Cross Flow Filtration System
Purosep™ is NCSRT’s complete line of high performance filtration systems. All Purosep systems are designed to be integrated with any of the following filter arrays: OPTISEP Modules, CONSEP Modules, Hollow Fiber, Ceramic, Plate and Frame, Flat Sheet and Spiral Wound. Whether a tabletop unit, pilot skid or production unit is required, NCSRT applications-based design approach will provide a system that meets or exceeds specific process needs. Purosep is a universal design concept proven to integrate with all standard TFF/CFF module formats. The advanced engineering and 3-D modeling utilized in all Purosep models allows for rapid and cost effective customization when required. Systems can be operated independently or integrated with upstream and/or downstream processing equipment as a single unit operation. NCSRT support services provide industry-leading validation assistance, preventative maintenance contracts and responsive technical service. — NCSRT Inc., 1000 Goodworth Drive, Apex, N.C., 27539, phone: (919) 387-8460, fax: (919) 387-8540, e-mail:, Web site:
<Seepex.jpg> Stator Pumps
Seepex’s line of “wobble stator” pumps for general and commercial pumping applications significantly reduces the price of progressive cavity pumps and repair parts. Special elastomers and unique design of the stator dramatically increase both performance and longevity. The new design has higher volumetric efficiencies than previous designs. The stators have a dedicated “flexing zone” separate from the geometry. Capacities to 10 USGPM and pressures to 175 psi are offered. AC and DC variable speed close-coupled drives are available options, and pumps and repair parts are stocked. — Seepex Inc., 511 Speedway Drive, Enon, Ohio, 45323, phone: (937) 864-7150, fax: (937) 864-7157, e-mail:, Web site:
Case Erector Warranty
Combi’s CE-10 case erector now comes with a three-year standard warranty. The case erector features low case, low tape alarms with stack light and powered case magazine and case counter. Ideal for applications that require more throughput than manual case erecting can provide, this machine erects and bottoms seals corrugated cases at speeds from 500 to 700 cases per hour. — Combi Packaging Systems LLC, 5365 E. Center Drive N.E., Canton, Ohio, 44721, phone: (330) 456-9333, Web site:
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