New Product Showcase

APV will feature the Vega V028 Binary-Drive Paraflow and APV FlexMixTM Liquiverter mixer, among other products at the 2005 Worldwide Food Expo. The new Vega V028 plate and Binary-Drive Paraflow PHE are suitable for small- to medium-sized applications in a neat, compact package. The Binary-Drive incorporates all the benefits of the Quad-Drive technology but with a lower capital investment and smaller footprint and height (OR) envelope.  The R5 Quad-Drive, 1000 plate PHE is the largest-capacity hydraulically closed sanitary heat exchanger in the world. The Flex-MixTM Liquiverter is a processor with in-built flexibility for a wide range of applications. This unit combines numerous benefits, including reduced processing time, improved product quality, minimum product losses and short delivery times, all at a highly cost effective price. Expert APV staff will be available to discuss latest innovations and winning solutions, in a relaxed ‘team’ atmosphere. — Invensys APV, 100 S. CP Ave., Lake Mills, Wis., 53551, phone: (920) 648-8311, fax: (920) 648-1423, Web site:
Booth #N954

A World of Difference
Worldwide Food Expo attendees can discover a world of difference in packaging at Alcan Packaging’s Booth #S5651. The largest flexible packaging company in the world, Alcan offers high-performance packaging structures, as well as comprehensive service and support resources, to ensure success in the marketplace. Among the innovations featured are packaging solutions for fresh and processed meats and natural and processed cheeses: ClearShieldTM Bone-In Shrink Bags, Maraflex® Vacuum Shrink Bags, Chub Film and Non-Forming Film, Q4® Forming Film, Thin-Gauge IWSP Film, Parakote® Foils, Tub and Cup Lidding Film, EVOH® Encapsulation Technology and LaserTear® Scoring Technology. — Alcan Packaging, 8770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago, lll., 60631, phone: (773) 399-8026, fax: (773) 399-8648, e-mail:, Web site:
Booth #S5651

Homogenizer World Premiere
Tetra Pak introduces a new homogenizer, the Tetra Alex 350, for beverage and dairy products. This machine follows the same proven design concept as the Tetra Alex 400 machine introduced a few years ago. The Tetra Alex 350 has an impressive capacity range, handling flow rates up to 9000 gph and pressures up to 5800 psi.  This machine can be designed to meet your processing needs as either a high pressure pump or a homogenizer.  
The new Tetra Alex 350 is a 5-piston positive displacement pump using a solid pump block. The machine includes a wet end, containing only the components with product contact, and drive end which are separated by a stainless-steel wall. Tetra Alex 350 is equipped with the energy efficient HD100 homogenisation device. This device is designed to offer considerable improvements in efficiency.  — Tetra Pak Inc., 101 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, Ill., 60061, (847) 955-6000, Fax: (847) 955-6500, Web site:
Booth #N914

Single-Sample Cryoscope
The Model 4250 Cryoscope from Advanced Instruments incorporates a new highly functional design and state-of-the-art electronic technologies that enhances usability, accuracy and reliability. With its capability to test cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk, this flexible instrument is ideal for all dairy processors, including specialty milk producers. The single-sample Cryoscope was redesigned with five new features that benefit laboratories by maximizing up-time and increasing productivity: multiple language capability, on-board printer, test results stored in memory for later recall, downloadable software upgrades and spill-proof cooling chamber. See it at WWFE Booth N1518. — Advanced Instruments, 2 Technology Way, Norwood, Mass., 02062, phone: (800) 225-4034 or (781) 320-9000, fax: (781) 320-8181, e-mail:,
Booth #N158

Fast Sandwich Machine
NDS’ new Rapid Pack System sandwich machine debuts at the 2005 Worldwide Food Expo. Visible on the machine are the robotic wafer unpackers and the top-loading carton packer, two innovations that will result in significant labor cost savings for NDS customers. — Norse Dairy Systems, P.O. Box 1869, Columbus, Ohio, 43216, phone: (800) 338-7465, Web site:
Booth #N901

Aseptic Fill/Dispense System
Scholle’s innovations are transitioning the aseptic packaging industry away from yesterday’s solutions into tomorrow’s technology by offering a breakthrough for low-acid aseptic dispensing. The Scholle 800FT™ eliminates challenges previously associated with low-acid aseptic packaging. The 800FT is an easy-to-use, flip-top filling/dispensing system designed to offer convenience, enhanced safety and cost savings for aseptic processors and end users. For processors, the 800FT™ aseptic fill/dispense system eliminates the need for a two fitment bag decreasing the overall package cost and providing a superior value to the customer. For end-users, the 800FT provides with an easy-to-use flip top fitment to which hoses and dispensing taps can be easily inserted without removing the cap from the spout. Designed to work with most dispensers, the 800FT™ features two distinct areas of tamper evidency.  The Pierce Probe connector offers a means to pierce the protective membrane seal in a closed system environment while maintaining a leak proof connection. — Scholle Corp., 200 W. North Ave., Northlake, Ill., 60164, phone: (708) 562-7290, fax: (708) 409-9346, Web site:
Booth #N936
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