Power Sanitizing System
The patented Biomist™ Power Sanitizing System offers food manufacturers a way to safely power spray production equipment and facilities with a disinfecting solution of concentrated alcohol. Scientists from the independent Northland Laboratories have released test results showing that the use of the Biomist system eliminates 99.9 percent of surface pathogens. It sprays a proprietary alcohol-based, food-contact surface sanitizer/disinfectant in a cloud of carbon dioxide (CO2) propellant. The Biomist system eliminates flammability, a problematic outcome commonly associated with alcohol-based solutions. Enveloping the alcohol mist in a cloud of CO2 cuts off the oxygen necessary for combustion.
— Biomist Inc., 1480 Renaissance Drive, Suite 403, Park Ridge, Ill., 60068, phone: (847) 803-1720, fax: (84m7) 803-0875, Web site: www.biomistinc.com

Ice Cream Filler
Gram Equipment has introduced a new “bottom-up” filler to its wide range of ice cream filling equipment for molded stick novelties. The filler’s distribution valve and bottom-up servo-driven movement allow for the filling of low-temperature ice cream directly from the ice cream freezer into the mold cup. The filler is supplied directly from the continuous freezer and has no hopper. It is supplied with a CIP manifold for easy cleaning and can be mounted on any inline or rotary novelty machine. The filler improves the ice crystal structure, increasing product quality and allowing for higher production speeds.
— Gram Equipment of America Inc., 1212 N. 39th St., Suite 438, Tampa, Fla., 33605, phone: (813) 248-1978, fax: (813) 248-2324, e-mail: sales@gram-equipment.com, Web site: www.gram-equipment.com

Large Scoop
Remco’s new Mega Scoop is available in both hand-held and dipper versions. The unique FDA-approved scoop features a 1-gallon capacity and a sturdy, comfortable grip. Manufactured in one-piece injection molded polypropylene, it is durable, chemical resistant, non-sparking and will not rust or corrode. There are no seams or cracks for bacterial growth. Available in five colors, the Mega Scoop helps comply with HACCP guidelines.
— Remco Products, 4735 W. 106th St., Zionsville, Ind., 46077, phone: (317) 876-9856, fax: (800) 585-8619, Web site: www.remcoproducts.com

Vacuum Pans
Lee Vacuum Pans are used extensively for products such as jams, jellies, candies and other concentrations. Efficient evaporating can be accomplished by lowering the boiling point to prevent damage to the end product that normally occurs when boiling at atmospheric temperatures. The vacuum pans can be custom-designed to meet specific product requirements with added features such as scrape-surface agitation, internal booster coils, properly-sized pre-condensers and pumps, as well as many other options.
— Lee Industries Inc., Process Systems & Equipment Division, P.O. Box 687, Philipsburg, Pa., 16866, phone: (814) 342-0470, fax: (814) 342-5660, e-mail: sales@leeind.com

2005 Buyers Guide
The 2005 version of the popular Nelson-Jameson Buyers Guide includes new products for food processing facilities in a new easier-to-use format. Over 10,000 products are included in the catalog, along with detailed write-ups, expert tips and clear definitions designed to make sourcing supplies easier. Specific product lines include Safety & Personnel, Sanitation & Maintenance, Processing & Flow Control, Laboratory & QA/QC, and Bulk Packaging & Ingredients. It features many hard-to-find and specialty products exclusive to Nelson-Jameson, as well as hundreds of supply items used daily. This edition includes expanded product lines in every product section, a color-coded products supplement and an updated layout inspired by customer input. To request a free copy of the 2005 Nelson-Jameson Buyers Guide, call (800) 826-8302 or visit the company’s Web site.
— Nelson-Jameson Inc., 2400 E. Fifth St., P.O. Box 647, Marshfield, Wis., 54449, phone: (715) 387-1151, fax: (715) 387-8746, Web site: www.nelsonjameson.com

Descaler Line Expansion
Clearwater Enviro Technologies Inc. has added seven new industrial models to its UL-listed ScaleBlaster line of electronic descalers. Now shipping worldwide, these models handle standard diameters of non-steel pipe from 12 inches to 40 inches, and of steel pipe from 4 inches to 26 inches. Industrial ScaleBlaster units operate like those designed for commercial- or residential-size pipe in order to avert scale formation.
— ClearWater Enviro Technologies Inc., 1166 Kapp Drive, Clearwater, Fla., 33765, phone: (800) 756-7946

Seal Applicators
Shure-Glue has introduced NC-Series Hot-Melt Applicators for light-duty, low-volume applications to medium-speed, high-volume case sealing and product assembly. Solid-state controls, accurate RTD temperature sensor, and a thermostatic temperature control optimize system performance. The units feature a reliable air-operated piston pump and can operate with as many as four hoses/guns. Tank capacities range from 12 pounds to 40 pounds. For ease-of-use, a unified operator interface is used across an entire range of melt units.
— Shure-Glue Systems Inc., 457 Circle Freeway Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45246, phone: (513) 874.5581, Web site: www.shure-glue.com

Aseptic Multi-Lane Machine
Hassia has introduced the SAS 20/30 Aseptic Stick-Pack Form/Fill/Seal Machine to provide a new standard in shelf stability for tubular, flexible convenient packaging of food products. The SAS 20/30 is the first multi-lane machine to aseptically package low-acid food products, increasing shelf life (to one year) without refrigeration. The machine meets all United States and International hygiene standards, including the FDA's CFR-21.
— Hassia USA, 1210 Campus Drive W., Morganville, N.J., 07751, phone: (732) 536-8770, fax: (732) 536-8850, e-mail: sales@hassiausa.com, Web site: www.hassiausa.com

Pallet Truck Scale
The new Mettler Toledo Xpress Pallet Truck Scale is mobile technology that offers one-step processing for industrial applications. Available in two fork widths, the new line features additional innovations that make this scale ideal for the finished goods and warehousing arenas. The Pallet Truck Scale line offers  an onboard weighing system with a six-digit, high-contrast LCD indicator, four-color coded tactile keys and smooth and precise handling. It is the right technology for mobile, battery powered weighing.
— Mettler-Toledo Inc., 1900 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio, 43240-4035, phone: (614) 438-4511, fax (614) 438-4900, Web site: www.mt.com

Online Education Center
To better equip business owners and operators in the fight against pests, Orkin Commercial Services has launched Orkin University Online. Visitors can benefit from Orkin’s training competency through free educational materials it has designed to help businesses train employees in sanitation and pest prevention. The site can be accessed at www.orkin.com/commercial and selecting “Orkin University Online” from the drop-down menu under “About Orkin.”
— Orkin Inc., 2170 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, Ga., 30324, Web site: www.orkin.com

Flexible Tubing
NewAge Industries has introduced coiled FEP fluoropolymer tubing, which is recommended for applications requiring the combination of fluoropolymer performance with flexibility such as food and beverage lines. Coiltef handles viscous materials without line clogging, temperatures that are hundreds of degrees below freezing, and a wide variety of chemicals. Coiltef is available in five sizes ranging from 1/16-inch to 3/8-inch tubing, and I.D. Standard lengths 12, 24, 48 and 72 inches.
— NewAge Industries Inc., 145 James Way, Southampton, Pa., 18966, phone: (800) 50-NEWAGE, Web site: www.newageindustries.com

New Design Features
FKI Logistex has incorporated several design updates to its Accuzone® 24-volt motorized roller accumulation and transportation conveyor. The fully modular plug-and-play Accuzone offers true zero-pressure, zero-contact accumulation and is available in straight, curved, merge, divert, belted and right-angle transfer modules. The new design offers completely modular wiring, improved aesthetics and integrated belt technology.
— FKI Logistex, 1500 Lebanon Road, Danville, Ky., 40422, phone: (877) 935-4564, Web site: www.fkilogistex.com

Secure Nesting Containers
IPL Material Handling has strengthened the tamper-resistant features of its IPL FlapNest™ 2115 Series container, further deterring theft throughout the supply chain. Its unique all-plastic hinges enable safer handling, longer life, and increased recycle value than containers with wire hinges. When the lid flaps of the containers are secured closed with security straps, ties, or clips, the only way to gain unauthorized entry is by using tools leaving behind permanent, visible damage. Wire hinges can be withdrawn, items removed, and the hinges re-inserted without detection. The lightweight FlapNest 2115 also includes other enhanced security features for strapping, tie wraps, and snap-in clips.
— IPL Material Handling, 640 Lincoln St., Worcester, Mass., 01605, phone: (800) 818-1318, fax: (508) 351-6044, Web site: www.ipl-mh.com

Marking Nozzle
InkJet has launched the EZ Jet™ nozzle for use on all Videojet Excel series coding and marking systems. The innovative nozzle features field-replaceable components that can easily be cleaned or swapped out by in-house operators. The EZ Jet nozzle accepts all orifice sizes used with Videojet Excel series printers from 36 micron to 120 micron.
— InkJet Inc., 11111 InkJet Way, Willis, Texas, 77378, phone: (936) 856-6600, Web site: www.inkjetinc.com

Liquid Nitrogen Injection
Vacuum Barrier Corp. has introduced the Nitrodose liquid nitrogen injection system. Featuring operation adjustments for many packaging sizes, the Nitrodose Easy Doser is used to pressurize or inert products. The system offers slow, discreet dosing that allows slower capacity product lines to benefit from nitrogen injection, which can enhance package strength and extend product freshness.
— Vacuum Barrier Corp., Barten Lane, Woburn, Mass., 01801, phone: (781) 933-3570, Web site: www.vacuumbarrier.com

Stator Pumps
Seepex has introduced a line of “wobble stator” pumps for general and commercial pumping applications. This design significantly reduces the price of progressive cavity pumps and repair parts. Special elastomers and unique design of the stator dramatically increase both performance and longevity. The new design has higher volumetric efficiencies than previous designs. The stators have a dedicated “flexing zone” separate from the geometry. Capacities to 10 USGPM and pressures to 175 psi are offered. AC and DC variable speed close-coupled drives are available options, and pumps and repair parts are stocked.
— Seepex Inc., 511 Speedway Drive, Enon, Ohio, 45323, phone: (937) 864-7150, fax: (937) 864-7157, e-mail: sales@seepex.net, Web site: www.seepex.com

Inspection System
Omron Electronics has introduced the F270 vision system, which integrates into one unit two CPUs with as many as four high-speed cameras, two independent triggers and dual real-time position compensation ASICs to capture images in 8 to 16 milliseconds in either field or frame mode. The dual CPUs allow the F270 system to inspect two targets simultaneously with no reduction of production speed. Reaching speeds as fast as 5,000 parts per minute, the F270 is recommended for high-speed processing lines.
 — Omron Electronics LLC, 1 Commerce Drive, Schaumburg, Ill., 60173, phone: (847) 285-7257, Web site: www.info.omron.com

Modular Interlocks
Fortress has extended its range of mGard trapped key safety interlocks. The company's range of modular door locks, bolt locks and key exchange units now come complete with rotary switches for power or control isolation. The mGard class consists of robust modular units that control access to enclosed areas. Available in one- to 10-module versions, Fortress offers a patented sequencing system with up to 39,000 different sequences in a 10-module arrangement. Simple to configure, the units can easily be extended or trimmed down with surplus modules used elsewhere.
— Fortress Interlocks, 21 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger, Ky., 41018, phone: (859) 578-2390, fax: (859) 341-2302, e-mail: sales@fortressinterlocks.com, Web site: www.fortressinterlocks.com

Packaging Machinery Education
Package line engineers and maintenance and production personnel can realize a greater return on packaging equipment investments by enrolling in Multivac University. The school of packaging machinery education offers intensive “Multi-Skills” training courses that provide strategies for enhancing equipment functionality, streamlining production, increasing package aesthetics and troubleshooting. Developed by Multivac as an extension of after-sale support, these hands-on programs increase attendees’ proficiency in machine safety, operation and maintenance. For 2005, Multivac has added MR Labeler courses in addition to offering its Multi-Skills technical and advanced courses. For a full schedule, visit the company’s Web site. For more information regarding course schedules, availability and registration, contact Brian Key at (800) 800-8552 or bkey@multivac.com.
— Multivac Inc., 11021 N.W. Pomona Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 64153, phone: (816) 891-0555, fax: (816) 891-0622, Web site: www.multivac.com

High-Capacity Lift Truck
Cat Lift Trucks has launched a new series of 3,000- to 6,500-pound capacity cushion tire lift trucks. The eight models in the series feature three fuel configurations (gasoline, LP and gas/LP) that meet or exceed Environmental Protection Agency standards for reducing carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide. The PurePower engines use two-stage fuel injection. The trucks also feature a drive-by-wire throttle control, a three-way, cloth-covered, full-suspension seat and a memory feature on the tilt-steering column.
— Cat Lift Trucks, 2121 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Houston, Texas, 77043, phone: (800) CAT-LIFT, Web site: www.cat-lift.com

Smart Label Encoder-Applicator
Weber Marking Systems’ exclusive AlphaRFID smart label encoder-applicator encodes, verifies and applies pressure-sensitive RFID smart labels to items on the production or packaging line. In addition, if an RFID tag embedded in a smart label cannot be verified, the smart label is rejected before application and is retained on its liner. The system, only available from Weber, provides smart labeling that will help users meet the emerging RFID supply chain requirements of major retailers and government agencies.
— Weber Marking Systems Inc., 711 W. Algonquin Road, Arlington Heights, Ill., 60005-4457, phone: (800) 843-4242, e-mail: info@webermarking.com, Web site: www.webermarking.com

Aseptic Dispenser
With International Dispensing’s Fresh Flow™ Valve, liquid product can be dispensed from a flexible bag or pouch without bacteria or oxygen entering the package. Because contents are never exposed throughout the life span of the product, the necessity for preservatives or refrigeration is reduced or eliminated. The tamper-proof closure and air-tight seal enhance product safety. Certified aseptic by the Food and Drug Administration and National Foods Labs, the Fresh Flow valve can be adapted to fit onto any flexible bag, pouch or semi-rigid package while protecting the contents from contamination. It can travel through aseptic fillers and withstand the highest levels of irradiation and steam sterilization required by the food and beverage and medical industries. 
— International Dispensing Corp., 7502 Connelley Drive, Suite 100, Hanover, Md., 21076, phone (410) 761-0070, fax: (410) 761-2077, Web site: www.idcdispensing.com

Finger-Style Grippers
Case-size variations are no problem for A-B-C’s new Model 49 decaser, which automatically unloads glass or plastic bottles and containers from necks-down reshipper cases, single files the containers and uprights the emptied cases to be conveyed to the case packer at speeds to 75 cases per minute. The new “soft-roller” system transfers cases through unloading and uses an automatic tensioner combined with soft compression rollers to accommodate varying case dimensions and ensure smooth and gentle case transfer. The case turnover offers finger-style grippers that bend to hold cases securely during 180-degree transfer to the overhead discharge conveyor. The fingers “bend” to grip the cases, easily adjusting to cases that are slightly smaller or larger. These features are standard on the new Model 49 case unloader and available as a conversion kit for earlier A-B-C unloader models.
— A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 811 Live Oak St., Tarpon Springs, Fla., 34689, phone: (727) 937-5144, fax: (727) 938-1239, Web site: www.abcpackaging.com
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