Dairy Counts in 2004

IDFA encourages member involvement.
With the November 2 election quickly approaching, the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) strongly encourages its member companies to help make a difference by signing up for its political involvement campaign, Dairy Counts in 2004.
The centerpiece of this effort is getting the message out to dairy industry employees about the importance of voting in elections. In many states, voter registration deadlines are looming, so dairy companies should begin their efforts now.
Dairy Counts makes it easy for IDFA member companies to get involved by providing all of the necessary tools to implement a successful get-out-the-vote effort. IDFA provides an easy-to-use Web site where visitors can quickly find state-specific voter registration information, obtain absentee ballot applications and view information about candidates in the upcoming elections. The Web site also highlights incumbents’ voting records and their positions on key dairy legislation.
IDFA urges companies is to publicize the Dairy Counts Web site in their internal newsletters or on company intranets. In addition, IDFA is supplying free posters and paycheck stuffers to all interested member companies that remind employees of the importance of voting. Posters can be hung in employee lunchrooms and break rooms, while the stuffers are sized to fit in with company paychecks and newsletters.  df
For more information on Dairy Counts, contact Meaghan Killion at mkillion@idfa.org or (202) 220-3534.
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