Wild Flavors continues to develop new botanical flavors as a result of the growing trend of floral flavors in both food and beverage applications. Since its debut, the floral trend has gained both mainstream popularity and versatility in its applications. Some of Wild’s floral flavor developments include Jasmine, Mimosa, Lavender, Iris, Cherry Blossom, Rose, Orange Blossom, Hibiscus, Chamomile and Chrysanthemum.
Previously, marketing of botanicals as a primary flavor contributor was somewhat niche. As ethnic, fresh, and sophisticated flavors have increased in popularity, there has been an increase in floral flavor trends as well. Consumers want products that make them “feel good” while they maintain a healthier lifestyle. This is where botanical flavors can contribute excellent and unique taste benefits with a halo of healthy attributes.
Wild sees this trend as an opportunity to develop products with floral components married with an array of complementary fruit and spice flavors. The use of flavors allows greater versatility for manufacturers in sourcing, storage, and use. When floral flavors are joined with traditional flavors and ingredients such as spices and herbs, products may gain additional health benefits for consumers.
"Spices have a variety of health benefits. They enhance flavor and can be used in place of salt in foods; resulting in lower sodium consumption. Many spices also have greater antioxidant power than fruits and veggies” explains Heather Biehl, Wild Manager of H.I.T.S. - Healthy Ingredient Technology Solutions .Applications for floral flavors are varied and seemingly growing. Wild offers a range of products where these flavors can be applied:
Teas, Juice Drinks, Confectionery, Functional drinks, Waters, Desserts, Energy Drinks, Carbonated soft drinks and Culinary Applications.

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