Tate & Lyle, a global ingredients and food solutions provider, announced two new prototypes which demonstrate how ice cream manufacturers can boost the creamy taste of their products with Creamiz. Using Creamiz as its foundation, Tate & Lyle developed premium ice cream Create. With an enhanced creamy texture, this prototype illustrates how Creamiz can supplement the indulgent mouthfeel of traditional ice creams, without increasing the levels of fat, and at a low cost in use. Creamiz has already been used with great success in a wide range of yogurt and dessert applications, and can help manufacturers provide a luxury taste in their products.
Clotilde Feuillade, Product Manager Texturants, Tate & Lyle Speciality Food Ingredients, said: "Our research shows that indulgence is crucial for success in the ice cream market. This is especially true of the premium segment, where people are looking for a smooth, creamy, dense tasting experience. Creamiz helps to make the mouthfeel smoother and richer, without adding fat.”
For manufacturers looking for solutions to lower both the fat content and control the cost of their ice cream products, Tate & Lyle has developed its ice cream Optimize prototype. Although dairy is key to the mouthfeel of ice cream, using Creamiz as a fat replacement ingredient can help manufacturers reduce an ice cream’s fat content by 20% and deliver significant cost savings, while retaining the product’s original creaminess and texture. Creamiz can be used on standard food manufacturing lines and does not require any change in the manufacturing process.

Tate & Lyle