Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. said its Thermo Scientific Xpert C400 is the first model in a line of next-generation x-ray systems for contaminant detection and product inspection. The Xpert C400 combines very high sensitivity with industry-leading durability to meet customers’ needs for increased detection standards. At the same time, it lowers the total cost of ownership for x-ray detection. The company will show it at Pack Expo, Sept. 26-28 in Las Vegas.
To cover a wide range of applications, this easy-to-use system also includes many advanced capabilities as standard features, making it simple for a food producer to raise its safety monitoring capability. X-ray-based foreign object detection and general inspection solutions are currently in high-demand. Many leading food retailers are mandating that their products be inspected by x-ray before being placed on store shelves. Initiatives such as the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act are also driving the migration from metal detection to x-ray technology. To answer this need, Thermo Fisher developed the Xpert C400, which makes this technology more attractive to food processors of all sizes by simultaneously improving performance and reducing overall cost of ownership.
The Thermo Scientific Xpert C400 easily detects metal, glass, dense plastics and other contaminants in packaged food. It can also analyze an x-ray image to estimate weight or fill and count or assure that objects are inside a packaged item. The system’s highly sensitive detectors are available in multiple resolutions (0.8/0.4mm), and its suite of algorithms is designed to find small contaminants in complex images with few, if any, false rejects. A low-power x-ray source (85W) reduces the system’s shielding requirements while easily penetrating typical items under inspection.
Due to its improved design and component quality, the Thermo Scientific Xpert C400 can run 24x7x365 in harsh environments with less maintenance and fewer repairs than other systems. It is tested to fully meet IP65 requirements for dust and washdown and operates over a wide 5° to 40° C temperature range. Because of its modular design and built-in remote support capability, technicians can troubleshoot and service the Thermo Scientific Xpert C400 quickly, minimizing expensive downtime. And every installation is backed by one of the most knowledgeable and responsive service and support staffs in the product inspection business.

Thermo Fisher Scientific