Cost centers, milk pricing, tax credits and cost segregation are all critical to a company’s financial health and profitability. Are you sure you’re taking advantage of every available financial tool to improve efficiency and increase profits? Chances are, probably not.  

Herbein+Co., a Reading, Pa.-based financial services firm, and the International Dairy Foods Association, Washington, D.C., host the IDFA Dairy Cost Accounting Workshop, a premiere financial educational event for the dairy industry, scheduled for May 10-11 in Rosemont, Ill. More than a simple accounting seminar, this workshop is designed specifically for dairy professionals. It will focus on the fiscal challenges companies face and provides the tools to enhance financial functions and improve profitability. The Herbein team will share the latest methods and tools to manage shrinkage control, cost center development, benchmarking and risk, among other useful topics.

What you’ll learn
Industry news, opportunities and trends - the latest on milk costing and pricing, federal orders, tax credits, cost segregation, depreciation and acceleration, lean manufacturing, new product lines and new software.

Recession-busters - financing new investments, working capital and leasing alternatives.

Financial statements - how to enhance communication between finance and management, identifying key performance indicators, building better balance sheet analysis and keeping tabs on key ratios.

Sustainability - tracking shrinkage control, cost center development, benchmarking risk and measuring how sustainability translates to savings.

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