Forty-plus years is a long time for anyone to go without a makeover. That’s why DeLuxe Ice Cream, a product of Mooresville Ice Cream Co., debuted a new look in July. DeLuxe enlisted the services of Asen Strategic Advertising & Marketing, based out of Knoxville, Tenn., to revamp the 86-year-old company’s image.

“When you’re dealing with a brand that’s been around so long, you want to be able to update the design without making it unrecognizable,” says Mark Perriguey, senior art director at Asen. “You have to look at a lot of logos from the time the original came out, and clean it up without losing the basic art and color scheme. We modernized the logo without losing the brand identity. The new look will connect with current customers, attract new ones and help DeLuxe stand out from their competition.”

Mooresville Ice Cream, based in Mooresville, N.C., requested a complete rebranding, including new package design, redesign of the original DeLuxe logo, as well as its freezer wrap (the art displayed on retail freezer cases) and point-of-purchase items like window clings for ice cream sellers. The changes to the time-honored brand have modernized the product’s look and allowed Mooresville Ice Cream to provide a unified image across multiple platforms.

Prior to the rebranding, DeLuxe Ice Cream was packaged in clear plastic tubs. A sticker on the lid served as the only image on the container. After receiving an overhaul from Asen, whose clients have included Purity and Mayfield, the ice cream is now packaged in a more cost-effective, two-piece paper carton with an updated, full-color design, which was purchased by a partnership of families from Statesville, N.C., and Ecuador.

The DeLuxe line of novelties, including its famous Nutty Cones and ice cream sandwiches, also experience a new look.

“We branded the novelty wrappers to include a full decal, custom photography and a retouched logo,” Perriguey said.

DeLuxe Ice Cream products can be found in grocery stores such as Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Wal-Mart.