Madras Packaging is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of quality blow-molded containers, offering dependable, responsive service, technically capable performance and production cost economies. Madras specializes in dairy, water and juice containers at two U.S. manufacturing locations – Atlanta, serving the southeastern market; Argos, Ind., serving the Midwest.
Madras Packaging

Supervac is a leading manufacturer of automatic belt vacuum chamber packaging machines, shrink tanks and driers for the cheese industry. Supervac packaging machines feature a double biactive high-pressure sealing system. Heat and pressure is applied from above and below the packaging material to produce two superior seals. This sealing system virtually eliminates leakers, rework and returns. Supervac can easily handle all types of bags and packaging materials, including foil packaging. Its small footprint allows the Supervac to fit in tight areas.

Evergreen Packaging Equipment introduced the EQ-70 gable top packaging machine for mid-size volume markets. It comes with ELL (extended long life) components, including environmental control features and carton treatment to maintain product quality. With fill volumes of 6 to 32 ounces, the EQ-70 fills quarts/liters up to 7,000 cph and fractionals up to 9,000 cph. Plus, servo-driven functions provide consistency and automatically control fill volumes and profiles based on product and carton size. 
Evergreen Packaging Equipment

Winpak Portion Packaging thermoforms rigid packaging in both cup and tray formats. Cup diameters currently range from 34 millimeters (creamers) to 80 millimeters (yogurt). In addition, Winpak introduced a new 103 millimeter diameter (401 can size) cup. Made from polypropylene or polypropylene barrier materials, the cups come in four different heights, are printed in up to eight colors and are suitable for retort or microwave.
Winpak Portion Packaging, Inc.

Axon’s new Aurora line represents a revolution in mandrel-style, in-line shrink film applicators. Its innovative modular design provides plug-in-play functionality and unlimited machine configurations. The common structural and electronic platforms facilitate quick and easy maintenance and hassle-free upgrades. Adoption of PackML programming puts Aurora at the vanguard of packaging line functionality.
Axon, a division of Pro Mach

Gilbreth manufactures light-barrier shrink film sleeves made from opaque, high-performance, high-yield, lightweight PETG-HY film to safeguard food, beverage, nutraceuticals, vitamin waters, supplements, wine, spirits and otherlight-sensitive consumer packaged products. For maximum light shielding, Gilbreth applies two coats of black ink to the reverse side of the film to offer 99% protection from visible and UV light requirements, without precipitating any visible change to the crisp bright white base color on the label front. Decorative, promotional and brand-reinforcing 360-degree color graphics are surface-printed and can be protected with an overprint varnish layer.
Gilbreth USA

The latest high-resolution inkjet printing solution from Markem-Imaje delivers greater levels of performance, innovation and technology for those in need of the ultimate quality coding solution. The 5800 high-resolution, large-character inkjet printer, for instance, is a next-generation solution for printing clear, consistent text, graphics and GS1-compliant barcodes on cases, trays and shrink wraps. Ideal for corrugate printing applications, the compact modular design of this updated printer can be easily integrated into existing production lines, carton erectors or tapers. The 5800 Hot Melt Inkjet Printer is the latest Markem-Imaje printing solution to utilize TouchDry hot melt ink technology. This instant dry, solvent-free ink will never bleed or fade for the life of the case. Barcodes printed with TouchDry technology are 100% readable and GS1 compliant. In addition, TouchDry inks can be delivered on a wide range of substrates and environments ranging from 0-40º C, boasting print speeds up to 182 m/min.
Markem-Imaje, subsidiary of Dover Group

Using the knifeless, easy-open design of the Cryovac Grip & Tear bag, the new Portion-Pull bag incorporates horizontal side seal tabs to allow consumers and foodservice operators to use only what they need without removing the entire product from its packaging. For processors, the Portion-Pull bag can be used with existing Cryovac rotary chamber vacuum systems. Because of the Portion-Pull bag’s toughness, it delivers superb performance under normal handling through distribution.
Sealed Air Corp.

Combibloc EcoPlus from SIG Combibloc is an aseptic carton pack for liquid food that cuts down CO2 by 28% compared to a 1-liter carton pack of the same format thanks to a new cardboard composite. Combibloc EcoPlus contains more than 80% wood fiber, which is obtained from wood, a renewable resource. Milch-Union Hocheifel eG (MUH), a European processor, will be offering UHT milk in a range of fat content grades in combibloc EcoPlus.
SIG Combibloc Inc.