The Globulyser measures the homogenization degree in long-conservative dairy products.

The Globulyser measures the homogenization degree in long-conservative dairy products. The Globulyser finds, from analyzing the size of fat globules, the homogenization rate, which is an important parameter of the preservation.

The Globulyser has been commercially available since February. Managing Director Bart Verburg says: “We want to expand globally.”

The determination of fat globule size in dairy products has been common place for decades. According to the fat globules, size an important aspect of the product quality. “The Globulyser is an entire new concept. In contradiction to manual – that is, visual –  measurements, the Globulyser is really precise. The homogenization level of oil or fat in an emulsion can be measured with this application without any involvement from professionals,” according to Lactotronic, based in the Netherlands.

What’s more, the outcome, or measurement is not being influenced by the operator. This derives in the Globulysers big advantage: its usefulness being independent upon the personnel’s expertise. The quality-control measurements can be performed by practically everyone, which allows efficient working. 

The Globulyser could perform important quality control roles in plant operations. Due to bigger refrigeration houses, risks for creaming have increased. This in turn, increases the chances of natural separation of cream. The consumer is really critical and does not find creamed products appetizing. Using the Globulyser, allows predicting possible future cream separation (creaming) as early as during the production process and by this, prevention of the actual creaming to happen can be accomplished.

The instrument increases the speed of detection of possible deviations in the homogenization process. This fits perfectly in the ISO quality control standards. The instrument provides dairy producers with the possibility to test its product’s quality in a simple, yet trustworthy, manner, and above this to reproduce the measurement-outcomes in a later phase.

For example, take a long-conservative product like condensed milk. With the Globulyser it becomes possible to determine whether the condensed milk enters the stocks having a homogenization degree  up to the standards.

According to Lactotronic, the Globulyser could be used for all products where homogenization is an important quality factor, e.g., for long-conservative liquids with oil or fat globules. After an intensive period of extensive practical research, the production of the Globulyser started in the autumn of 2009.

Bart Verburg en Sietze Sietzema is experienced in the field of development and production of laboratory equipment. The company’s focus is broader than just the Globulyser, although it was the biggest trigger for the company’s foundation. The firm develops modern analytical instruments for the dairy industry. The ambition centers on developing and producing a range of high quality, easy-to-handle products. Unskilled personnel will be able to operate these instruments. This is a unique combination in the dairy industry.

Companies that have experienced the Globulyser have reacted positively. Lactotronic aims to supply customers via the use of agencies, distributors and branch offices. This is one of the company’s top priorities, which runs parallel with the other priority of developing new products allied with major customers’ needs. Meanwhile, its products are being supplied in over five European countries. The aim is to be widening its reach year-to-year.

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