BioTector Analytical Systems Limited of Cork, Ireland specializes in industrial TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analysis systems for the dairy and other industries. In addition, BioTector offers a wide range of analyzers for TN (Total Nitrogen), TP (Total Phosphorus), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and other parameters.
BioTector Analytical Systems presented its range of analytical equipment and solutions for the dairy industry at the International Dairy Show in Atlanta in September. These solutions have provided real pay-back with reductions of greater than 20% in overall lost product (in specific incidents reductions of greater than 37% have been achieved).
The Total Organic Carbon (TOC) content of a stream has been shown to have a direct relationship to the content of milk products in a dairy waste water stream leaving a production facility. Hence the main principal behind real time TOC analysis in a dairy plant is to determine the quantity of milk products present in wastewater discharge lines at any given time.
The BioTector is a TOC analyzer, which was developed specifically for applications with high concentrations of fats, present in a dairy facility. BioTector systems have been installed worldwide (over 700 units) by many of the top industrial corporation’s including a number of leading dairy plants. Using a patented self-cleaning oxidation technology, BioTector is designed for minimal maintenance, requiring only routine service twice a year. Unlike other manufacturers’ analyzers, the BioTector can work with grease, fats, oils, particulates, chlorides, calcium and other difficult to handle materials. The Biotector Solution provides typical uptimes of 99.7%.
Effective on-line liquid analysis by TOC monitoring enables rapid adjustments to the production process so that lost product and production of effluent can be kept to a minimum. Real time liquid analysis can also assist in the optimization and control of the Waste Water Treatment Plant; optimization and control of phosphate removal process; optimization and control of the evaporator performance; reduction in treatment costs of Boiler condensate feed water.
“Maximizing production efficiency and minimizing waste is one of the most important benefits that TOC analysis can provide,” said Martin Horan, Managing Director of BioTector Analytical Systems. “Our BioTector On-Line TOC Analyzer has been applied on numerous applications in dairy factories to assist operators in achieving peak performance with reduced waste and environmental impact.”
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The companies attending the 2011 International Dairy Show as part of the Enterprise Ireland delegation included Softtrace Ltd., Trustwater, ONG Automation, Keenan, Luxcel Biosciences, Biotector, Crème Software, and Dairy Master.