International Paper has launched, a new company website featuring information from the well-received Down to Earth educational series of brochures.

International Paper has, a new company website featuring information from the well-received Down to Earth educational series of brochures.

The series covers the most important environmental issues and trends in the paper and printing industries and uses facts gathered from reputable sources to address many myths and misperceptions surrounding paper and the environment. For convenience, there is a Media Center tab with banner art and linking instructions to make it easy for customers and other key stakeholders to use the new website to help supplement their own environmental message.

Visitors to the site will learn, for example, that using paper actually helps to keep forests growing and that one of the biggest dangers to North American forestlands is urban development. Paper and digital communications are compared by: energy usage, renewability of materials and recycling - showing that paper communications can often be the more responsible choice.

“Our customers and the public deserve to know the truth about paper products. They are bombarded with misleading and false information every day,” said Teri Shanahan, IP’s vice president, Commercial Printing. “Our goal is to provide facts so people can feel great about their environmentally friendly choices, especially paper. The Down to Earth Web site was created as a companion to the printed series to make it easier to share this valuable information, and to give readers the facts to support when and why it’s worth printing.”

Environmental issues in the paper and printing industries are very complex, can be easily misunderstood and, consequently, often misrepresented. Myths and misperceptions have altered some public thinking and have led to campaigns for a paperless society. The Down to Earth educational series presents a balanced and fact-driven picture in a thought-provoking manner that shows how choosing paper products protects the environment, supports communities and keeps our forests growing.

The brochures in the “Down to Earth” series include the following:

-    Certification: Where does your paper come from?

-    Recycled vs. Virgin: Is recycled paper the best you can do?

-    Carbon Footprint: How big is your carbon footprint?

-    Pixels or Paper: Are pixels greener than paper?

-    Labels & Logos: How do certification labels and logos benefit you?

-    Responsible Forestry: How does using paper lead to more trees?

-    Print or Paper: Is it worth printing?

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