New secondary packaging allows warehouse and club store positioning for Actimel

Danone Actimel, shown above in MeadWestvaco’s Strong-Pak™ carton, is available across Europe in convenient 10- and 12-packs.
MAUREPAS, France-As one of Europe's bestselling yogurts since the mid 1990s, Danone Actimel® is a product that needs little, if any, improvement. But with the help of MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems, Danone has made it's hugely popular drinkable yogurt even more appealing to customers by making purchasing and transporting the product so convenient and easy.

The yogurt, (marketed as DanActive in the United States) is effectively packed in MeadWestvaco's paperboard cartons. "Since Actimel's introduction in the market over a decade ago, we have been Danone's multiple packaging partner," says Olindo Iacobelli, president, MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems Europe SAS. "When we first began making cartons for Actimel, we knew the yogurt would be a huge success and that we would be producing cartons at a great rate in order to meet demand. We were right. Actimel soon became a consumer favorite and I believe our cartons helped provide a competitive advantage by enhancing shelf presence, convenience and product availability."

Danone, which maintains its leadership in the dairy market through constant innovation, created Actimel through a unique combination of live cultures, including Lactobacillus casei (L. casei). The yogurt, clinically proven to help naturally strengthen the body's defense system, is marketed in unique and innovative extruded small bottles that make the consumption of the product quick and easy.

"The Actimel bottle is extremely unique and we felt that having a secondary package that showcased these easy-to-drink containers would be most effective for the brand," says Iacobelli. "During the initial introduction of the product, we created a Cluster-Clip® package that engaged the top portion of the bottle, leaving the Actimel bottle exposed for shoppers to see. This type of carton attracted consumers and helped establish the brand by encouraging customers to try the new product."

That original Cluster-Clip carton, available in 4-, 6- and 8- pack sizes, was recently joined by MeadWestvaco's Strong-Pak™ carton. This new Strong-Pak package gives consumers the ability to purchase more Actimel product in a single unit and comes in durable 10- and 12-packs for customers' convenience. These larger packaging configurations could potentially help position Actimel, DanActive and similar products in warehouse and clubstore channels.

Both carton styles are perfect for the refrigerator and can withstand high levels of humidity due to the paperboard's strength characteristics that help to maintain the cartons integrity even under humid conditions.

The Cluster-Clip and Strong-Pak cartons are filled on MeadWestvaco machines, built in France and installed in Danone plants throughout Europe.

"Danone Actimel is an extremely popular yogurt because it is such a wonderful and nutritious product," Iacobelli says. "MeadWestvaco's innovative packaging enhances the uniqueness and portability of this product and has helped add to the yogurt's appeal and convenience."

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