Since the first installation of the OptiScan® sensor in Vancouver, Canada in 1993 there have been more than 350 satisfied users. The sensor has been successfully installed in liquid food processing plants all over the world including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Korea. It has proven to effectively track and reduce product losses.

Over the last few years OptiScan® has become an extremely versatile unit. Traditionally the OptiScan® sensor has been an essential tool for the dairy industry. Based on product development and testing, the OptiScan® sensor works accurately in multiple applications. It has proven to be highly successful in monitoring the transitions in pharmaceutical, nutritional and juice plants.

The sensor's two most common applications are on the discharge side of the HTST (UHT) and on the CIP (Cleaning In Place) line. Roche Vitamins in Belvedere, NJ is using the sensor to ensure the accuracy in monitoring the fat-soluble vitamin emulsion interfaces with water. This saves product and water while reducing their environmental discharge.

The OptiScan® sensor is 3-A and USDA approved. As a result of extensive testing, the sensor is now also CE approved. The CE approval is necessary for all products sold in the European Union. The CE Mark approval proves that the product fulfills all essential safety and environmental requirements.

OptiScan® provides multiple benefits. Production losses are reduced by 25% to 65%. Additional benefits and cost savings are achieved through reduced environmental loading and reduced BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) charges. The sensor continuously measures product quality and any upsets in the production are immediately detected. Wash water product contamination is constantly measured and wash water usage is maximized.

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