Chr. Hansen Inc., Milwaukee and Noveon Hilton Davis Inc., Cincinnati, have entered into a joint sales and marketing cooperation. This union of two leading color suppliers, each with U.S.-based manufacturing facilities and international operations, will provide cost-effective color solutions to better serve custom applications in beverages, confections, cereal, baked goods and other foods. The cooperation will enable Chr. Hansen to provide the United States and Canadian markets with an expanded line of color systems, including synthetic colors, color blends, and natural colors. Products available include natural and synthetic colors, primary Lakes and Dyes, dispersions, blends and liquid colors in custom-sized packaging. Noveon Hilton Davis is a top producer of synthetic colors in North America. Noveon is a global producer of specialty polymers, polymer-based formulations and chemical additives for consumer and industrial products. For further information, contact David R. Carpenter at Chr. Hansen at 800/558-0802.

Netzsch Inc., Exton, Pa., has named Woods Industries as a representative for Netzsch Filtration Systems serving the state of Texas. Founded in 1983, the Houston-based Woods is a minority-owned company specializing in mechanical and thermal solid-liquid separation. Its technologies include: centrifugation, filtration, evaporation, and distillation. Additional services offered by Woods include: feasibility testing, pilot operations, design, installation and start up. Netzsch is a leading manufacturer of filtration systems, progressing cavity pumps, wet grinding and dispersion equipment, and dry grinding and classification machines. For more information, contact Netzsch at 610/363-8010 or Woods at 281/333-4267.

Glanbia Nutritionals, Monroe, Wis., has completed the first phase in expanding its whey processing capabilities to create new protein ingredients. In this initial phase, extensive R&D efforts have led to the development and commercialization of high-quality whey hydrolysates. The second phase of the $4 million expansion will be complete in early 2004. Demand for nutritional products continues to grow and formulators continue to search for innovative ingredients that address functionality and flavor issues. Glanbia has responded to this need by developing processing conditions that allow them to control the functionality, bioactivity and flavor of the protein, making it possible to tailor it to particular applications. This gives Glanbia the ability to bring innovative new protein ingredients to market. In the recently developed whey hydrolysates, for example, Glanbia has been able to greatly reduce bitterness, overcoming a common problem with this type of product. Among these new solutions are products for the bar, beverage, weight loss markets. BarFlex™, a partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that extends the shelf life of nutritional bars, is the result of a new, patent-pending technology. This unique ingredient allows for high whey protein content in low-carb bars, maintaining a soft texture over a longer period of time as compared to regular WPI. Glanbia has also developed a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate with excellent heat stability and flavor in low acid beverage systems.

Seal-it Inc., Farmingdale N.Y. is printing a vividly colored shrink label with a Cat in the Hat image for Bellywashers made by Inzone Brands Inc. The product was launched in conjunction with the release of the DreamWorks film Dr. Suess the Cat in the Hat. The shrink label is made of heat shrink PVC and is gravure printed in 10 colors. Like all Bellywashers packages, the Cat in the Hat bottle doubles as a collectable toy.

Motion Industries, Birmingham, Ala., one of the world's largest distributors of industrial MRO replacement parts, ranked number six out of the 25 Best Service Companies to Sell for in the November/December 2003 issue of Selling Power Magazine. Selling Power ranks the top 25 manufacturing companies and the top 25 service companies, to determine the top 50 best companies to sell for. The research report, "The 50 Best Companies to Sell For," was published for the third year by the corporate research team at Selling Power identifying and ranking the best companies to sell for among the largest sales forces in the United States.