HP Hood Inc., Chelsea, Mass., introduces two new frozen novelties: Hoodsie[r] Sandwich and Hood[r] Dipped Delights.

The Hoodsie Sandwich capitalizes on the history and outstanding brand recognition of the Hoodsie Cup. Each mini sandwich contains a center of side-by-side creamy vanilla and chocolate ice creams that is sandwiched between one chocolate and one vanilla cookie wafers. Both are embossed with the playful Hoodsie Kids characters.

Hood Dipped Delights come in rich chocolate fudge or creamy peanut butter varieties. The smooth, silky fudge texture of each bar is made "doubly delicious" with a coating of decadent dark chocolate.

Longmont, Colo.-based Horizon Organic Holding Corp., has become a player in the burgeoning club store marketplace. The company now offers its Horizon Organic single-serve 2% chocolate milk in multi-packs of 18 8-oz aseptic prisma cartons, as well as Horizon Organic half gallons of 2% milk in three-packs.

Meeting customer demand for more convenience products, the Tillamook County Creamy Assn., Tillamook, Ore., adds new shredded cheese products to its product line. Now Tillamook's famous medium Cheddar cheese comes in an 8-oz fancy cut. Also, there are three new 8-oz shredded cheese blends: Mexican Blend, Queso Blend and Italian Blend.

Mexican Blend is a combination of pepper jack and Cheddar cheese. Queso Blend is a combination of Monterey jack and Cheddar cheese. Italian Blend is a mix of mozzarella and Cheddar cheese.